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    Programmer Looking for someone who can compile/do small changes on RME

    Hello, i'm looking for someone who can compile and do some changes on Remere's, if you can do that send me a message in private or your discord bellow...
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    How to find items using binary-tilebased

    Hello, im using in my ot binary-tilebased, how can i find items in house tiles?
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    How to setup cloudflare?

    Hi, im using cloudflare, i changed both dns on my domain with cloudflare dns, everything looks ok, but i cannot access game server, why? what i should change in cloudflare dns to make it work well, without creating a new sub domain? i have seen some others servers working fine like underwar.org...
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    Linux Optimize Table vs not optimize

    Hi, when my server startup i get some errors when optimizing tables, after some attemps it ends with a "failure", but i dont see any problem ingame, someone know how to fix that? and what happen if i start server with startupDatabaseOptimization = false? whats the difference? hello
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    problem running a server without restarting?

    Hello, someone can tell me what happens when you run a server fow a few days and dont restart it, maybe restart one time per month or 2 weeks ?