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  1. Ramirow

    TFS 1.X+ Delete description of an item, partially

    I don't know if this is possible or how it's done on Lua syntax. I have some items with this descriptions, added after item creation. Example: You see a sword. Created by PlayerName. [HP+15] Is there a way to only remove the brackets part, right now if I erase ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_DESCRIPTION it...
  2. Ramirow

    Action [TFS 1.2+] Simple Smithing Skill w/ Options

    First of all, I know I'm not a good scripter myself, but I made this and I wanted to share it. Requirements: CODEX NG's Spell Experience system: Player - Spell Experience - 1.2 Optional: Zbizu's UISS: CreatureEvent - [TFS 1.1] Ultimate item stat system (elements, skills, exp, loot and more)...
  3. Ramirow

    [10.98] Deep Forest Mountain

    As I stated already in my mapping thread, was gonna release a mountain I was working on (located deep inside a magical forest) whenever it was finished, and it is, so you can have it. I experimented a lot on this map (specially bordering) so if you don't like it I will understand. Some ingame...
  4. Ramirow

    TFS 1.X+ Server Crash...Or maybe not?

    Hello everyone, I'm facing an strange issue with my server, running TFS 1.2 Sometimes, when I login within my local network or some player (from the internet) logs in WHILE im online, the server just hangs. No error code, the console just stays open but everyone gets Connection Lost and server...
  5. Ramirow

    Lua TFS 1.2 Math.random receives nil value

    Guys, im running into an issue, I will leave an example below, and the error code I get, I can't seem to work out WHY it's receiving a nil value, if I print the value of that var before the math.random() function everything looks good, its for sure not a Nil value. Using TFS 1.2 local crystals...
  6. Ramirow

    Lua Check item question

    How may I check if I have an item over an anvil for example? I can't seem to find a function to do it..
  7. Ramirow

    AMD's new ZEN Core Architecture

    So, guys, what do you think of this move of AMD? Will it be a failure or it will be up to the competition? For those of you who still don't know, here's a little insight of the new architecture.
  8. Ramirow

    Lua Runes with Talkactions [TFS 1.2]

    I'm facing a weird problem now and I don't know how to address it. The script is supposed to do the following: Check if player is knight/elite knight and terminates execution. Check then if player is Sorcerer and can conjure the rune. Check if it is Druid and can conjure the rune. And check if...
  9. Ramirow

    Solved Return False/True. How does it really work?

    Hello guys, I have a doubt, as the title says, how does really Return in LUA works? For instance, I have this script. for i=1,#runes,1 do if runes[i].name == string.lower((words.." "..param)) then local voc = player:getVocation():getId() if isInArray({3, 7, 4, 8}, voc) then...
  10. Ramirow

    Solved Proper way to check Item

    What function should I use if I need to search if player has x item? I've seen a lot of getItem functions but I don't see a way to use them properly as I'm constantly getting errors when trying to use them :/ I'm guessing the one I need is: container:getItemCountById Thanks!
  11. Ramirow

    Tibia Soundtracks

    Well, I'm a musician, not really used to do soundtracks, but I've tried once with some software I bought. Imagine it, never ever composed a game soundtrack and never ever used such programs lol. Anyways, this is what I came up with after doing some tries. It was intended for tibia, and I posted...
  12. Ramirow

    Lua Spell variations. Possible? [TFS 1.1]

    I started looking into the mechanics for the spells used in TFS.. A quick question came to my mind.. As most of you know, the file: "Spells.xml" contains some sort of..Blueprint of all the spells? (I don't how to technically call it sorry :p) Anyways, most of the terms used in there seems to...
  13. Ramirow

    Action Herblore / Mining Skill [TFS 1.1]

    As the title says, an Herblore Skill created using the custom skill system by Codex NG! You NEED the system for this script to work! Here: Also, remember to add the skill storages to the player (With firstitems.lua) or whatever...
  14. Ramirow

    Solved TimedEvent, CreateItem and DestroyItem [TFS 1.1]

    Hello to everyone, I'm just trying to learn a bit about lua functions for TFS 1.1 I assume this kind of functions exist even tough I don't know how they are called or what parameters to pass.. I'm trying to create something like this: 1) You use a hammer and destroy an item with id A (Some...
  15. Ramirow

    Solved Additional Skills. Possible?

    I was wondering if I could add additional skills to the game, such as Herblore or Mining (I'm using TFS 1.1). Would it be possible in lua? If so, in the form of actions/events? Or it should be coded into the source? Thanks in advance!
  16. Ramirow

    Abyssal Shores

    Hello everyone, as I said in my mapping thread, I would be giving out the maps I created to contribute a little more to Otland, thanks to all the guys that helped me to improve a lil bit, this is my first finished map, (Even tough it lacks some details here and there, but hey, it's free after...
  17. Ramirow

    Windows Unencrypted Message Size

    I'm hosting a small project and I happen to have this error: Whenever this message cames out [Failure - Protocol::XTEA_decrypt] Not valid unencrypted message size My server seems to freeze forever, is there a way to fix it? Using 0.4 r3777 8.6
  18. Ramirow

    Entering Mapping World

    Hello Otlanders! I've started mapping for the very first time, after being in shadows for a lot of years just looking amazing mappers in this forum..I've started with underwater, I know it's not much, I will be posting more map screenshots, in-game later on! I don't know if I should use this...
  19. Ramirow

    Lua My script, how to improve?

    Hello guys, I'm trying to learn lua, I don't want to ask or search for scripts, I want to be able to create them myself..So I was looking at the libraries for functions and stuff. I've created an script from scratch. Can someone analyze the script and tell me if it was done correctly? I would...
  20. Ramirow

    Action VIP chest, only one per account

    Hello guys! First of all, I've made this script for my server (I'm using Kekox VIP System btw), it works this way: - It gives 3 vip days to your account - Saves the value in the Account of the player (So it can only be done once per account to avoid abuse) Well, first of all we need to add...