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  1. Pretx

    [USA] Oldpvp - CUSTOM 7.4 - Low level war

    Starts on Monday Info: Oldpvp its a new low-level 7x war server, with some adjustments to balance all vocations 2 years ago I had to close because for not having any antibot system (old theard: [Canada] Oldpvp - 7.4 - Low level war) I'm opening again with new systems and settings Website...
  2. Pretx

    [Canada] Oldpvp - 7.4 - Low level war

    Info: Oldpvp its a new low-level 7x war server, with some adjustments to balance all vocations Website: Custom Client (7.72 with sprites 7.4): BOTTING IS NOT ALLOWED: - If we detect that you are using bot you will be banned for a long time or your...
  3. Pretx

    [Znote AAC 1.5] Help to block account 1/1

    Hi everyone!. Can someone help me to block 1/1 account on the website (Znote AAC 1.5)?. I dont want that anybody can connect that account on the website. I want to use Acc. Manager ingame and AAC
  4. Pretx

    Linux What kind of attack is? (DDG)

    Hello @Don Daniello. My friend receives attack today, 2 times in the same way. What kind of attack is? 400 players online, reached 1400 in 1 second. then: You can connect to ssh, scp and phpmyadmin but not the website and otserver. In the ssh...
  5. Pretx

    [Question] Otclient support 7.4?

    Hi i have a little question. Otclient support 7.4? The Github eduart says 7.6 to 10.31. But I've seen ots using it in 7.4.
  6. Pretx

    Programmer Looking for c++/lua programmer for 0.3.6

    Hi guys. I Need some work for a custom ot [pokemon] with tfs sources 0.3.6: * Tv System (or cast system) * Duel System * Nick System * A bug with moving creatures (give 1 step at a time with order) Obviously'll pay for this work. Anyone interested or someone who you would recommend?
  7. Pretx

    Compiling TFS 0.3.6 Problem Compiling (Debian 6 -64bits)

    Hi guys. I try compiling tfs 0.3.6 (for a custom server) I have installed already all libs Command line used: sh ./configure --enable-mysql sh The error occurs at the end of compilation: CXXLD theforgottenserver /usr/bin/ld: connection.o: undefined reference to symbol...
  8. Pretx

    Mysql how reset Kills, frags, deaths?

    hi all!! :) I need a little help with my database, i don't know how restart the kills and deaths u,u
  9. Pretx

    Need a script, Help me!

    Hi members of OtLand, I need a script that if a player less to lvl 50 is killed for other player, This don't die ! if not that automatically go to the temple, and the player who defeated him win no frags. tibia 8.6 & dev 0.4i function onPrepareDeath(cid, deathList) if...
  10. Pretx

    Lua area not use spells?

    Hi members of otland Is posible that in some area frompos, topos can't say any spells?
  11. Pretx

    Action use x item get skill or ml only a time?

    Hi otland i have a question. its possible use X item get 5 skill sword or get 5 magic level and only use a time? Need help with this. Is a idea for the shop xD