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    Tibia PNG/BMP Spritesheet

    Well, first of all hello, I've been away from the community for a long time, I've some projects I never finished and I decided to share them. You can check and download my old Pokemon Map So anyways. I need some help, I've been trying to find a Tibia spritesheet in PNG or BMP and haven't been...
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    Core's Pokemon Map

    Imgur Gallery So I've been away the Open Tibia community for a while, and I've some projects I never finished so I decided to share them with you all. This is a Kanto Map, based on the OG Games.
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    NAT loopback problem

    Hello, guys. Well, I've been breaking my head with this, so my modem doesnt support nat loopback, so I cant log in to my server thru my global ip, neither thru no-ip. And when I try to log in using "localhost" I get to the character list but cant log in. If I set the Ip to "localhost" in...
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    Help with old tibia clients

    Well its been a while, and I wanted to try ots again. But I dont even have tibia installed anymore. So I know the latest tfs is for 10.77 clients but I cant find a download for that :( downloads are not working for me, so maybe someone can help me out with another mirror or something :P...
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    Suggestion Color prefix for Website Applications

    Well, I think is already time to do that, almost every thread there has a prefix, but making them automatically and with color would make it more organized. Just the most used AAC's : Modern AAC, Znote AAC, Gesior AAC, and maybe PANDAAC when its finished. :)
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    Windows MySQL connection problems

    So I've been having this weird problem with the latest Mystic Spirit version: I also have been working on a 0.4 version (910) which works perfectly, but I just can't make this one work, I also had a similar problem with a DayZ server I was trying to setup. I'm using the right database...
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    [Support] How to execute a mod

    I followed the module tutorial, and I wanted to test it to see how windows work and everything, but I don't have a clue on how to. I can activate the module, but I dont know how to activate it. :D Could some one please tell me how to?, I would also like to know how to add a new button at the...
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    Lua Timer/Coldown

    I've always had this trouble and I hope someone could help me here. I got this simple teleport script: local temple = {x = 1006, y = 999, z = 7} shops = {x = 1025, y = 985, z = 7} function onStepIn(cid, item, pos, fromPos) if item.itemid == 3188 then doTeleportThing(cid, shops)...
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    Any Android Programmer?

    Well I've been trying to update my cheapa** cellphone its working with Android 1.5 and it sucks, so I searched how to update it, and there's no way it seems, since there are no roms for my phone (Dell Aero), so searching a lot, I found the original sources for the 2.1 version, but they're not...
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    A good person? $1 PayPal

    Well Im in need of only 1 buck and I dont have any fast way to get money in PayPal, so I thought maybe one of you guys have a dollar to spare me :) I will be very grateful. If you are willing to, send me a pm so I can give you my PayPal account.
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    Call of Duty : MW3 - FREE WEEKEND!

    So, yea MW3 it's gonna be free for a full weekend in steam :) Never played it online on pc, I'm trying it. Also if you download it this weekend you'll have a 50% discount on the game.
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    Little problem

    Hey!, so I have this little problem that I have to fix really quick, its really simple and maybe someone can help me. scanf("%d", &programs); if (programs >= 6) { printf(" there's only 5 programs in the options "); } else { switch (programs){ case 1...
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    [Support] PayPal Claim

    Hello, well some shitty thing happened to me today, I just got an email from PayPal saying that someone asked for a refund and when I check my PayPal account (That had just like 20euros) it was on -36Euros. The claim comes from one of the guys I sold a template to, and its a 50Euro refund. I...
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    [PHP] 2 length word character names

    Hey so I'm having some troubles while searching characters in modern aac, not only searching but I can't even see them with a direct link. But only those characters with 2 words or more on their name, or just any space. I'm running nginx with php 5.4.5 in a machine with debian squeeze 6.4 I...
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    A Pokémon map

    Hey!, well I had this map in my old PC, I started with it long time ago and now I'm going to finish it, I wanted to show it here, is already really advanced so I'll show what I already have and I'll be posting the progress here. First of all, this map is kind of "weird" and different as I made...
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    Dragons | New Races |

    I was playing around with frost dragon sprite and came up with this cool remake of a dragon, I love the frost dragon sprite it just needed some colors, and I also love dragons but I find tibia dragons real lame, so I'll be making some dragon sprites and posting them here. #1
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    Webdesign Dark | Template

    MY NEW DESIGN IS HERE, CAN'T COME UP WITH A NAME SO I NAMED IT "DARK". Full preview: For SALE: available in a few days, wan't to purchase it right now, contact me. CREDITS: ShadowCores Team : I used their news and images, since they are really organised and...
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    Custom Server | Play Team

    I made this thread with one goal, put together those members on Otland, who love to play custom OTS. Sometimes you want to play a server cause it looks really cool but its boring because no one's playing it, so that way there well be always someone to play with and we'll make great servers fun...
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    Webdesign Camual | Template

    Made this template for Little bit simple but yet nice, also the're not paying that much :P
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    Webdesign Diablo | TEMPLATE

    Trying to get back to work with templates, this is the first one since a long time. Tell me what you think about it, any suggestions/criticism is accepted. Name: None [OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS] (I named it diablo for now since I used diablo theme image.) Link: It's...