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  1. Znote

    RevScripts Talkaction to teleport you home

    local house = player:getHouse() if house then player:teleportTo(house:getExitPosition()) end
  2. Znote

    Implemented Cant view advertisement thread after recent update

    Disable your adblocker for otland, beside the advertisement board there isn't alot to block over here anyway.
  3. Znote

    What is allowed and what isn't allowed on otland?

    For anyone wondering what is allowed and what isn't allowed on otland, I encourage you to carefully read the official rules of otland. Keep in mind that some boards might also have special board rules applied to them, to get an idea what these board specific addendums and guidelines are, pay...
  4. Znote

    AAC Znote users.php help please

    TFS 1.2 normally doesn't support world id. How do you segregate the worlds? Is world_id added to the players table, or is it a separate extension table, or do you use a separate connection for it? /* All online players: user_count_online(false) Online in world id 2: user_count_online(2)...
  5. Znote

    AAC Znote - Guild House Owner Display Problem

    Looks like there is, column guild = 1 might indicate that column owner = guild_id instead of player_id. If this is standard schema for TFS 0.3 based distros, I can fairly easy add support for this, but since I don't use TFS 0.3 anymore I'm gonna need a db dump with sample data to test it out...
  6. Znote

    AAC Znote - Guild House Owner Display Problem

    What does your houses table look like in your database? Is there a way to distinguish a player house from a guild house there?
  7. Znote

    OTLand updated

  8. Znote

    Znote AAC coin delivery

    Which server and script are you using? What does this offer type look like in config.php? Edit: I have made a custom shop offer type (20) for otservBR coins: https://gist.github.com/Znote/889800a9fa5c34aaf6649bcae4cb2989 To use it, you need to add shop offers in config.php that has type 20.
  9. Znote

    Lua Magic wall block stairs

    Thread moved to OpenTibia > Support > Requests
  10. Znote

    error transferring

    Add this znote_login.lua file to your data/scripts/ folder and restart server. If you absolutely have to, calling it zonte_login.lua works fine as well. x)
  11. Znote

    Programmer Offering programming job

    Using the presumption that Slavi used his position to aquire this job, and that him not refunding is a sign of position abuse (which I don't agree with, but will presume this for the sake of the conversation): Slavi being unavailable due to life circumstances is not considered position abuse...
  12. Znote

    [Error - mysql_real_query] Message: Duplicate entry '5' for key 'guildwar_kills_unique'

    I think you have 3 keys on the table, a primary key, a foreign key and a unique key. The unique key can probably be deleted.
  13. Znote

    AAC [ZnoteACC] Help-me optimize my isMarried on characterprofile

    <?php /* CREATE TABLE marriage_system ( id INTEGER NOT NULL, player_id INTEGER NOT NULL, partner INTEGER NOT NULL, marriage_date INTEGER NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY ( id ) ); */ $player_id = (int)$user_id; $marriage = mysql_select_single(" SELECT CASE WHEN...
  14. Znote

    Znote AAC Xampp on ubuntu

    You are probably missing the ; symbol at the end of the line in some of the configs above sqlUser, like in server_path.
  15. Znote

    Windows vs Linux Hosting

    Another thing with (at least WSL1) is that daemons arent started automatically(after windows reboots). So I have a small startup script for bootup, status and shutdown of running services. Usually in Linux you barely have to think about this. (such as php-fpm to get website working correctly)...
  16. Znote

    Windows vs Linux Hosting

    I have loaded my /home/znote/ directory in WSL directly into sublime text on windows. Its awesome, no need to tether a network drive or mess with sftp or anything like that. You can even do the command explorer.exe . in WSL to open that directory using windows file explorer. Super convenient...
  17. Znote

    Windows vs Linux Hosting

    Now that I think about it, yes. I remember it taking quite a while to setup. But I imagine this is because of the source mirrors /repositories. I recently set up a LinuxMint server using Virtualbox, and configured it to a national repository mirror and it was much faster than what you get in WSL...
  18. Znote

    Windows vs Linux Hosting

    Windows is fine to use for development purposes as long as you run the server through WSL. 😂 ... Thats actually pretty awesome, and is my prefered dev environment. :D Windows servers has their corporate purposes (its an effective platform for developers to ineffectively contribute to a...
  19. Znote


    1. In RME, look at your towns using CTRL + T. Keep note of their IDs. 2. Make sure your website only gives the players the option to choose between valid towns. (where id is present in RME) 3. Shut down server 4. Execute query in phpmyadmin: (Note that this query specifically changes town_id 1...
  20. Znote

    OpenTibia Weapon Sprites Generator (GAN)

    Nice nice, an OT GAN Sprite Pack, made to be a full fledged replacement for cipsoft sprites is starting to seem like a plausible idea. If this could be made with matching id representations as the cip version (like matching id for fire sword), it could even be cross compatible. Which I think is...