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  1. Evan

    Archive for OTFans.net?

    Thanks @Red I've already reached out to STiX separately - I'm hoping he would be able to fulfill a quick ask!
  2. Evan

    Archive for OTFans.net?

    Thanks, but unfortunately threads and posts are not archived through Wayback.
  3. Evan

    Archive for OTFans.net?

    This is likely a long shot, but does anybody have an archive of all the threads and posts on OTFans.net?
  4. Evan

    Lua onUse script for tfs 1.2

    No, I think you need to use a depot ID that you set in the map editor. I may be wrong though! Does not hurt to test out either :)
  5. Evan

    Lua onUse script for tfs 1.2

    Sure! Just get the depot object for the player (as it returns as a "container"). depot = player:getDepotChest(depot id) depot:addItem(item id) You should also check to see if the depot exists before adding items to it.
  6. Evan

    OtLand New Staff Members

    Late to the party, but congrats to you fellas!
  7. Evan

    Lua onUse script for tfs 1.2

    Just have it appear on login. onLogin if storage1001 >= 7 then depot:addItem(item) end Something like that! This is just a quick pseudo, attempt to make something first then come back if you get stuck.
  8. Evan

    Implement function to script

    It looks like you're trying to allow a player to fight a boss as a reward and include that in Limos' script. Limos' script does not have any boss dialogues; therefore you will need to add it yourself. A few things to consider that might help you get started! You can add a new member to the...
  9. Evan

    Magic Level 2 in Rookagaard!

    This is because the loyalty system is providing additional bonus skill points.
  10. Evan

    'I cried when...'

    I don't cry very often, but I did cry when I lost my knight armor and fire sword in a giant sword scam. I vividly remember the day, level 31 knight around November 2004 on Xantera. I was a free account, so you could understand how much work I put into the armor and fire sword (both were like...
  11. Evan

    What about an Otland Cloud?

    I stopped reading here because it has lost all legitimacy.
  12. Evan

    For anyone who is looking to get into coding..

    I feel I am well fit to be involved in a discussion about programming/development careers. I graduated from university last year with a bachelor of science in Computer Science and I know what job search is like. Firstly, if you do not have any college/university education, good luck getting any...
  13. Evan

    Lua TFS 1.x Summon Creature spell in LUA?

    What exactly is your var supposed to be?
  14. Evan

    TFS 1.1 [10.77] (Windows 7,8) (32 Bit & 64 Bit)

    It's already stickied in this very same board.
  15. Evan

    Gaming Red's Knight Life Thread. From Zero to Deletera!

    What happened!?
  16. Evan

    Solved No damage to teammates TFS 1.0

    You can do this with onTargetCombat() and onAreaCombat() very simply, you'd just have to update to 1.1. 1.0 is still good, but 1.1 has SO much more.
  17. Evan

    My 2000th post

    Did you delete one of his posts? CONSPIRACY! ps; I had completely missed my 7,000th, oh well. I'm not fond of post counts as a bulk of them are from my Lostboy years.
  18. Evan

    Tibia.exe 10.77 virus?

    It happens to a lot of updated/new clients that are not yet "registered as safe" by the anti-virus softwares. I'm sure it'll be considered safe within the next 24-48 hours, just tell your anti-virus to ignore it in the meantime.
  19. Evan

    Solved can anyone explain me what does print(table.remove(v.event, x)) prints?

    table.remove() returns the value that was removed. So, when you do print(table.remove()), it'll print the value that was removed. Test example (http://www.lua.org/cgi-bin/demo): local tab = {"Evan", "whitevo", "Mark", "Limos"} print(table.remove(tab, 3)) -- Should remove and print "Mark" x...