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  1. Fifflaren

    Rme search

    So Im using RME v3.6.1 and when Im trying to search for something EX, weapon rack I get this, and this far everything is fine BUT From here my luck runs out When I click "ok" I get nothing, just like this img shows. Any fix for this?
  2. Fifflaren

    fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/asio.hpp': No such file or directory

    Heyy guys, I know this question have been asked many times before. Yet I just cant seem to find a solution. Im trying to compile : https://github.com/nekiro/forgottenserver/tree/8.6-downgrad So thats Tfs1.3 and from my understanding you compile Tfs1.3 using this tutorial ...
  3. Fifflaren

    Vcpkg "Could not locate cached archive:"

    Could not locate cached archive: C:\Users\Don Flipper\AppData\Local\vcpkg/archives\7b\7b930ac19c49c2e5c2035f64449221daf1104c06.zip -- Downloading https://github.com/zeux/pugixml/archive/v1.10.tar.gz... -- Extracting source C:/vcpkg/downloads/zeux-pugixml-v1.10.tar.gz -- Applying patch...
  4. Fifflaren

    Compiling Error LNK1104

    I saw a POST about this but I wasnt able to solve my error using that post. Im trying to compile this Any ideas?
  5. Fifflaren

    Compiling The build tools for v142 cannot be found.

    I:\8.6 QuestWorlds\server DATA\vc14\theforgottenserver.vcxproj : warning : The build tools for v142 cannot be found. Install v142 to build using the v142 build tools. So what Im trying todo is compiling tfs 1.3 v.8.6 LINK Im getting this error, I tried using the search tool but had no luck...
  6. Fifflaren

    Server idea

    QuestWorlds So I started working on a new project around 1 month ago. I call the project QuestWorlds. The main idea of QuestWorlds is a heavy storybased server, heavily inspired by aqW. (The name was honestly a mistake) We will reword the name in a later stage. Content There is a main story...
  7. Fifflaren

    Locked doors

    So I was making this quest where you unlock a door using a key, and everything works fine the door unlocks as it should but I would like it to close after you have walked in. Something like questdoors do. VIDEO!
  8. Fifflaren

    Npc default channel

    Hello Otland! I have this problem where all my npc's respond in npc channel as they should but they wont listen to anything you say if its in npc channel. For exampel I have a rune npc so I walk up to him and say "hi" he responds in npc channel and npc channel opens but then if I say "trade" in...
  9. Fifflaren

    New sprites in rme

    Hello Otland, I know this question have been asked quite alot over the years and I have tried following the threads I could find but I still have the problem that RME wont register new sprites :( I do have the same Tibia.spr in rme as the pics say. But is it something Im missing, do I need to...
  10. Fifflaren

    C++ tfs 1.2 Tibia store

    Hello Otland, I have been searching for some solution to the in game store not popping up and based on the information I found, is a source edit needed, Im going to be totaly honest I have NO idea what or how I shall tackle this problem so Im turning to my pals at otland :) Basically I need...
  11. Fifflaren

    Dawnport tutorial

    I cant seem to find anything about this on otland so I just wanna ask if its even possible, In dawnport and rook both have this, tutorial where you get to kill creatures "solo". In rook you you got tpd to a room with monsters, in dawnport you start in it if you pick to do the tutorial, basically...
  12. Fifflaren

    Ports and ips

    Im gonna start this post off by saying idk if this is where I should put this but if its wrong Ima try to be better next time.. Ok so my problem is really weird I have googled the whole night for solutions but I havent found anyone with the same problem. I opened my ports and tested them on...
  13. Fifflaren

    Webdesigner Im working on an war ot and we are in need of a website dev :)

    Hello OTland me and my staff team is looking for a website dev for latest Znote aac, we will ofc pay you :) PM if intersted! Website designer idk what its called but we want our own website not just a copy pasted from otland (even tho some of them is sick) and non of us is really good at...
  14. Fifflaren

    TFS 0.X Mods error

    Hey I found this old Mod in an old Evolera folder called "buffs" and it does what its should do but it has its downsides cuz if you want to relog or have to restart you wont be able to be getting back on. The mod seems like its blocking the login for some reason. if 1 of you awesome guys at...
  15. Fifflaren

    Mounts 8.6

    I would like to ask if mounts in 8.6 would be possible and if it is wich it should be (with the right skills) and would it cost me something like a liver to pay for that script :P this is just a quick little question for you guys :*
  16. Fifflaren

    C++ !save looktype

    Im looking for a script that will save my looktype and !load looktype so why do I want this, I have a outfit doll that gives you a random looktype when clicked but the outfit you get isnt saved it gets removed when leaving the server, would be really nice if I could have like !save looktype so...
  17. Fifflaren

    OTClient Znote and OTX

    Can I use Znote and OTX, or do I need to do something diffrent when using OTX. Cuz I cant get it to work :) would be really nice if you know whats up just tell me so I can fix it or I give up on linking OTX to Znote :D Thanks for your help in advance.
  18. Fifflaren

    AAC When you donate via paypal players do not get their points

    Hello beautiful OtLand User 😘 I need your help. So when a player donates to the server everything works fine expect people getting theire points. So you can donate but you wont get the points, I can do it manualy but would be much better and easier for both me and the players if it was auto. Im...
  19. Fifflaren

    Scripter Needed (PAYED OFC)

    ok so Im hosting an Evolera based 8.6 ot server and I need someone that can script for our server. so what do we need? We need someone that can fix a skull system example ( top 10 players get skull with number 1 get black and 2-3 red etc ) visible timers example ( when you press a switch it...