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  1. dianagirl

    [SQL-QUERY] request

    Hello , i've tried to find a sql query to make all players lvl 8 .. i want to delete everything except the players and their items, means like houses,frags,guilds and everything only accounts+players+ their items on them, house items should be cleaned aswell, someone can help me please?
  2. dianagirl

    Linux Cant start tfs

    Hello DDG Hosting Service, Yesterday all went fine, but today when i look at my servers page , my console gives me that kind of error : >> Checking software version... failed - could not parse remote file (are you connected to the internet?) >> Fetching blacklist error : Operation timed out...
  3. dianagirl

    Linux [Laggs] very weird [NOT DDoS]

    Hello otlanders, There is something weird going on in my server that i've never seen.. Let me explain, i've started my ot again after 3 years, i got many people who hate me and try to get me down, well this time its like this. Theres a player login in my server, which is new created char...
  4. dianagirl

    Thats sooo wierd..

    elooooooooooooooo, i dont know if for you is the same but, ehm how to say it lets say, feba.mine.nu had like 500~ players 2 days ago i guess ad now 100? and if you look in like 1 day it will have again 500 ? the same with the other polish ots like hexana.net or vestia.pl sometimes they have...
  5. dianagirl

    [ZAYPAY] Site is Pendig?

    Hello dear otlanders, as you can read in the topic, its about Zaypay and my site that i created there, Last time it was 2011~ i worked with zaypay and made a site , price settings, payalogues i got approved very fast, but this time its like 6 days gone and they still didnt approve my page, is...
  6. dianagirl


    Hello, we recently got a notification that we were banned in otservlist.org because of a "data spoof", this must be a misunderstanding because all of our players are either hunting or pking & you can check for yourself... Please unban our server since we never spoofed any data & will never do...
  7. dianagirl

    [FRANCE] Xanteria V4, 100% custom 8.6

    Hello players, as requested by many of our loyal players we will start xanteria.hopto.org once again! At this moment, the server is located in USA, but since we have a lot of players from Germany (like myself), we will move it to France once our contract is done... So most likely you have...
  8. dianagirl

    @Xanteria - Rehost? worth it?

    Hello Friends, i know there's not many players here who still know the open tibia server, Xanteria called Swev-ots aswell, was hosted by Phoowned and i was the owner of it. I've stopped because i started to play real tibia but now after so many people write to me in facebook / otland to...
  9. dianagirl

    [Xanteria] Start it again?

    Hello guys, I dont know if theres still the same people who played my Open Tibia Servers, but well i had an ot called "Xanteria" and yeh, it was succesfull but then some trusted guy gave map out and shit and then there was other versions of my ot and mine went a little bit down :/ . But...
  10. dianagirl

    Hoster Are here still any trustable Hoster? [phoowned read]

    Hello, iam thinking about to start my ots again if you guys knew that ot Xanteria Tibia pk xanteria part II - YouTube Tibia pk on xanteria - YouTube Or maybe this one swev-v2 Tibia Swev-v2 - YouTube
  11. dianagirl

    ZAYPAY - Payout to Paypal

    Hello i've got a question, i want to know if i can payout my money from zaypay account into my paypal account, is it aviable ? And if yes, how ? Thanks ! Rep++
  12. dianagirl

    [Antica] Who plays there?

    Hey guys ;) , i just wanted to know which otlander is playing in the world antica ? :P I have a character level 21 master sorcerer, with prem, but my Account is banished until Jun 28 2012, But iam already on the way on another character, now iam level 17 :p vocation is Knight, Does...
  13. dianagirl

    [Lunara] Need help !

    Hi brothers and sisters , i've played last year rl tibia with some friends, my friends quitet and me also, and 3 days ago i have started again i needed Multi client, and i've downloaded one then i'Ve got hacked ;s i have reseted my computer and now iam there with 0 items ! ;s .. Is there...
  14. dianagirl

    [SWEDEN] AMOK.ots.me |Custom Evo| 8.60 | Pvp |

    AMOK OTS, NEW CUSTOM EVOLUTION, WITH CUSTOM SPELLS/MONSTERS Are you tired of servers with lags, crashes and kicks? Are looking for a well server? Are you looking for professional server support? - It seems that you were looking for us! We would like to present you Amok.ots.me! General info...
  15. dianagirl

    [SWEDEN] AMOK.ots.me |Custom Evo| 8.60 | Pvp |

    AMOK OTS, NEW CUSTOM EVOLUTION, WITH CUSTOM SPELLS/MONSTERS Are you tired of servers with lags, crashes and kicks? Are looking for a well server? Are you looking for professional server support? - It seems that you were looking for us! We would like to present you Amok.ots.me...
  16. dianagirl

    Zaypay, payout how ?

    Hello, i've got a question. I have just use zaypay new.. I have gained € 245,56, but how and when i can transfer it to my bank ?? withdrawable, when i can withdraw that money ?? Thanks,
  17. dianagirl

    [SWEDEN] Xanteria | 8.60 | NEW START

    Description: .:<XANTERIA.HOPTO.ORG>:. Hosted 24/7! IP: xanteria.hopto.org PORT: 7171 CLIENT: 8.6 *- Online 24/7 *- Many custom spells and monsters. *- A very serious server. *- 80% custom map + 20% the evolutions map. *- No known bugs. *- More than 50 quests. Include: Full PoI...
  18. dianagirl

    Polish ploy??

    Hello otlander ;D I've got some questions and want to start a Discussion :P There so much POLISH servers. Always if an new rl map starts it gets in 1 hour about 400+++ players how that f*** ?? Some polish guys told me they do an Countdown, but with an countdown wont come so much lol. There was...
  19. dianagirl

    Linux Apache2 "Bad User Name"

    Dear otlanders, i got a linux dedicated with debian, But theres a error at starting apache2, The error is : pro1902:/etc/init.d# ./apache2 start Starting web server: apache2apache2: bad user name ${www-data} Action 'start' failed. The Apache error log may have more information. failed...
  20. dianagirl

    Ingame Lagg, but not from Dedicated?? [REP+]

    Hello all :( i got a problem in my ot :S The ot got ingame Laggs but the dedicated dont laggs, i mean if i enter with winscp or putty w/e it dont laggs, and i asked the seller fromt he Dedicated is Sered.net , and they told me they looked in the dedicated and it dont laggs, and now i think...