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  1. RoyalzBHO

    Export map (not minimap) to png?

    Howdy, as the title reads, is it possible to export a game map (not the minimap seen in the top right corner) into png images each floor separately? For example Grand Line Adventures' minimap uses normal game map as minimap instead of the classic tibian minimap. Relevant pic; Gyazo...
  2. RoyalzBHO

    Hardcore Tibia

    Hi y'all, quick question to gather some information whether people would want to play this type of OTS. The idea itself is taken from ARPGs like Diablo or Path of Exile, and it's all about surviving, to be exact - NOT dying to anything, not even once. There would be two servers simultaneously...
  3. RoyalzBHO

    Some sort of pixel gallery

    Thanks to Shikate for tips/help with Broly Skin sprites for http://dblots.pl Kratos pixel-art Do NOT use any sprites listed above, thanks.
  4. RoyalzBHO

    [Atmega32] [C] im kinda stuck

    Sup! Ive got a small problem with my program, the idea was to push a button on a 4x4 keypad, which lightens diods on a microcontroller in binary system. For example, if i push button "9", it will light diods to make number 9 in binary code, that is 1001. My problem is, sure it does work...
  5. RoyalzBHO

    Diablo 2 LOD

    Is anyone still playing this masterpiece, or is going to start next ladder? Cause the Diablo II ladder will reset on May 30th at 2 PM PDT and i might be looking for a team to play on EUROPE.
  6. RoyalzBHO

    [8.6] Dragon Ball OT development topic

    Hello everyone, i've been working on this server for a few weeks now (with some small breaks and one huge exam session break), focused mostly on switching from Tibia's isometric perspective to classic RPGmaker-ish flat look of game(LoG based). I'm using tfs 0.4 with 8.60 client. OT will have...
  7. RoyalzBHO

    Ground tile debugging

    Hello, im having a problem with a few grounds in my custom ot(not out yet), two tile types with id 4410 and 3184 are debugging a client when stepped on; i havent been changing anything in code, though i've been editing items.otb a little bit, but i didn't touch these two at all, just added a few...
  8. RoyalzBHO

    RME black ground tile problem

    Hiya everyone, lately i started to edit sprites for my custom ot, but i bumped into a small problem with RME (or maybe just my stupidity). At first i have to say im using flat sprites(not tibia-like isometric) and wanted to replace already existing mountain top ground (RME sprites grounds/ids...
  9. RoyalzBHO

    Useful editors for OT greenie?

    Hi, hmm, where should i start from? Let's start from myself. I'm 1st year IT student, dragon ball fan and tibia player for a long, long time, this being combined, i've always wanted to create MY own dragon ball-based OTS, but as i said in a thread title, i'm greenie in OT community, i don't know...
  10. RoyalzBHO

    Royal sprite topic.

    Pixel arts: LSW sprites: