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    (TFS 0.4)Monster behavior problems

    Running a TFS 0.4, 7.7 downgraded to 7.4. When for example a rat has low health and is running away, with each step it takes it "looks back" at the player then it turns around again and walks 1 step, turns around, walks 1 step and so on. Anyone got any idea of what might cause this?
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    C++ Making elemental damage constant

    Hello! I'm using TFS 0.4 and I want to change the way elemental damage works. I wanna add a constant elemental damage to a weapon but I'm not sure how to go about it. For example, if I add the line <attribute key="elementEnergy" value="20"> to a weapon, I want the damage to constantly be +20...
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    Farore mapping(7.4)

    Hello! Been working on a 7.4 server for a couple of months now. Would be nice with some constructive criticism on the mapping, I'm very new to it! :) Currently working on remaking the Ice Islands(Senja/Folda/Vega etc) and Fibula. Outlaw encampment(previously Fibula Villa) Fibula...
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    Team Creating 7.4 OT, looking for one or two more to join us - unpaid

    Hello! Me and my friend have been working on a 7.4 rl-map lowrate server since around Christmas and we've come quite far, currently working on our first custom continent. We're looking for one, two or perhaps even more people to join us. About us Both me and my friend have experience with the...
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    Creatures not facing players

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with the creatures on my ot. If I stand next to a creature and fight it I can walk around it and stand behind it without it turning around and facing me. Like this Anyone got any idea of what might be wrong? Using tfs 0.4, 7.72 downgraded to 7.4
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    Compiling Debugging

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    Linux Can see charlist but not connect to the server

    Hello I'm trying to set up my ot so people can connect to it but for some reason noone outside my network is able to join, all they can see is the charlist. I'm running the server on ubuntu 14.04 in virtualbox on my windows 10 pc. In config.lua i've got sqlHost = "" ip = ""...
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    Webdesigner Looking for webdesigner for ZnoteAAC - paid

    What topic says, looking for someone who knows their way around Znote AAC. I know some PHP but I'm not good enough to finish the site on my own. Message me or post here and we'll agree on a price/salary aswell as discuss what I want to do in more detail!
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    Incorrect count on players online/record

    Solved. Found these two lines of code in protocolstatus.cpp, obviously "+ 64" shouldn't be there.. int playersOnline = g_game.getPlayersOnline() + 64; int playersRecord = g_game.getPlayersRecord() + 64; So I put my server up on otservlist earlier and when I checked my amount of players...
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    Linux Installing a mumble server

    So, I'm trying to install a mumble server but I get these error messages.. Anyone that can help me? [email protected]:~$ sudo aptitude update Hit http://mirror.ovh.net wily InRelease Get: 1 http://security.ubuntu.com wily-security InRelease [65.9 kB] Get: 2 http://mirror.ovh.net...
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    [POLAND] Darunia | 10.90 | PVP-RPG | Real Map | Beta | Long Lasting | Friday 11/3 22:00 |

    Hello and welcome! Tomorrow(Friday 11/3) me and my friends will open our server to the public for the first time! The server will open at 22:00 CET and we'd like to invite YOU to join us! We're new to the "OT-scene" but plan on staying for a long time, we're also in the late alpha, early beta...
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    Team Searching for scripter/webdev/mapper/gms - some paid some unpaid!

    Hello! Me and my friends have recently taken our server public - http://www.darunia-ot.net/ Currently we're running TFS 1.2 with tibia 10.90, together with Znote AAC. We're looking for new members that would like to join the team! You will have to have quite advanced knowledge within one of...
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    Compiling No command prompt window

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a server and everything seems to work fine, except it doesn't go online/start. I have been following this guide - https://otland.net/threads/compiling-tfs-1-0-1-1-latest-source-64-and-32-bits-pics-and-lots-of-explanation.204532/ At point 10 after I've compiled I get...
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    Windows Problem installing map on my TFS

    Hello! Im trying to set up a ot and i've run in to some problems.. Im using http://otland.net/f18/9-60-9-61-forgotten-server-v0-2-14-mystic-spirit-166619/ where im trying to install this map http://otland.net/f50/9-6-realmap-v3-171538/ My problem is that when I start the server something...
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    Solved OT server, connection problems

    Hellu! I need some help with a ot server im trying to setup! I've followed the video tutorial made by Znote and most things work as they should, im having some trouble setting it up so I can login to it from another computer though.. Ports 7171/7172/80 are open and I can connect to the...