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  1. Landera

    [TFS 1.X] Flash Client + ACC Maker (Dev Environment)

    I wonder could this be an client instead of an browser"client"?
  2. Landera


    Bats seems more scary this year
  3. Landera

    Pokemon Sprites with Blender

    The pokemon on 4 feet looks neat however the others looks they leaning back
  4. Landera

    [list] CIPSoft lazy solutions

    Wonder why they didnt it map it like their other pics tho
  5. Landera

    Graphic Designer Spriting service. (items/outfits/nature/grounds/repair)

    Sad that this is happening, burning his reputation over 40 euros.
  6. Landera

    [list] CIPSoft lazy solutions

    And looks like these venore rats can fly now aswell Edit:nvm its ground floor
  7. Landera

    What type of car do you drive?

    Not the best but i dont care about cars
  8. Landera

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    Mino spawn for my rookgaard nothing special but meh :)
  9. Landera

    Pokemon Crown Version.

    A friend of mine who used to be an cop did arrest somebody for stealing toothpaste. Even more worthless.
  10. Landera

    RevScripts revscript train monk

    Ill miss you as much as i miss ur pikachu avatar
  11. Landera

    [PROJECT] Welcome to Clickz Custom Map Project!

    Cool but that stair on the mainfloor going to the basement not that great ingame, because u end up in the wall
  12. Landera

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] [S2] - October Sign Up

    And nr 3 is just like my house
  13. Landera

    Rauz Spriting Thread

    Dude u are really good
  14. Landera

    What is allowed and what isn't allowed on otland?

    Onlyfans is probably allowed 🤔
  15. Landera

    My Gallery

    Looking good man
  16. Landera

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    Bear cave
  17. Landera

    Mapper Free Mapping Service

    Skeleton tomb rookgaard like 10.98 Can be multiple floors
  18. Landera

    Graphic Designer Spriting service. (items/outfits/nature/grounds/repair)

    Looking good kratos was a bit more pale or am I mistaken havnt played god of war in years
  19. Landera

    Can someone open a 8.0-8.6

    Who are those peopke u are talking about? And what happend to the people that wanted custom map servers.