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  1. mazarati

    [12.70] Salt Caves Map

  2. mazarati

    [12.70] Ruins of Nuur Map

  3. mazarati

    [12.70] Warzones 7, 8, 9 / Bounac

  4. ellvo

    France] [12.70 ONLY] Ixodus | Starting 2nd October 18:00 2021 | Mid Rate | Warzone 7, 8, 9 | Soul War Quest | Summer Update 2021

    Real MAP EU Ixodus 12.70+ ONLY real map server tested for years of work! You can create your account already here: Ixodus - Create Account IP: ixodus.net Port: 7171 Starting Date 2nd October 18:00 CEST 2021 (Saturday) A new fresh 12 only server Our last edition of the server was doing...
  5. Fortera Global

    [Brazil] [12.70+] KronusOT GLOBAL ⭐ | Summer Update 2021 FULL | WARZONES 7, 8, 9

    KronusOT has numerous improvements and is even one of the first servers with all the new areas and features. Everything that's in Global (including summer update 2021) is also in KronusOT, so if you're looking for a complete Global server, you've come to the right place. ★ Retro Open PvP ★...