1. rlx

    Converting map for OTX 2 8.1 issue

    Hello, I'm spending long time seeking for a better engine for my 8.1 ots than xmls, but I'm facing lots of problems, here is one of them: I got OTX 2.XS-1 and 3 (Crying Damson and Lord Zedd) for 8.0-8.11 (64 bit). The server itself works, but it doesn't read my map properly or totally. My 8.1...
  2. rlx

    [Poland][8.1] Pomiary

    Hello, I would like to introduce to you my own OTS! The idea: Server itself was made over 13 years ago. Nowadays nostalgia and overall boredom made me want to play on and share this server with public. It may look a bit unprofessional and unfinished (however back then it gave much fun for...
  3. Fizzy

    [Sweden] [8.1] Kummerack

    IP: kummerack-enfo.sytes.net Port: 7171 Client: 8.1 Uptime: 24/7 Exp rate: stages Map: custom made old evo server from 8.0 updated by myself Lootrate: x10 Server type: PvP-e , you can receive exp from other players How to join the server: ACC Manager 111111/tibia Kummerack is a fun evo based...
  4. messenoire

    [8.10] Evolutions Map (100% stock)

    Hi, Here's the unedited version of the Evolutions map for protocol 8.10. You know this one.
  5. R

    Request Ustrike Evo 8.1

    Hello friends, I Looking for Evolution Ustrike 8.1. All links what i found are dead. Somebody have in archive this datapack? Let me know. Thanks.
  6. S

    [8.1] Aries 0.4.5 - Few things (is this possible?)

    Hello. I'm creating OTS for couple of friends, im using 8.10 XML because im most familiar with this version and it's quite easy imo. The first thing is there is no "increaseMagicPercent" attribute. - Can i somehow add this without decompilation? - If not, could i ask for some tutorial how to...
  7. Zulfix

    [8.1] OTMadness Data

    Hello, I want to add Otmadness data here on otland to allow all people have it :) Use engine : Aries 0.4.0 DOWNLOAD
  8. Jester

    [8.1] Real Tibia map, 77 mb.

    Cities: Rookgard. Carlin. Ab'dendriel. Kazordoon. Thais. Venore. Darashia. Ankrahmun. Port Hope. Edron. Cormaya. Stengia. Liberty Bay. Gamemaster Isle. Tiquanda. Svargrond. -Map. 77 mbs size. 26k spawns. 100+ npcs. 65000x65000. This map mostly includes Svargrond and isles around, turtles...