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  1. Alw

    Graphic Designer (Sprite) Addons for 7.4

    Greetings, I'm currently looking for someone willing to create addons for the original 7.4 outfits. There isn't any preference for how they should look except that they should keep the retro look. What I offer: Payment either for the batch of addons or per outfit. Price is per agreement. If...
  2. miguelshta

    RevScripts Tfs 1.3 random addon to new players

    Hello I need a script that gives a 1 random addon to new players
  3. wizinx

    TFS 1.X+ Action add addon with item requirement

    Hello everyone, I have a script to add an addon when using the item, but my problem is that I want to make it take an amount of X of items to add it. example: for the druid outfit ---> 100 wolf paw and bear paws. this is the script i currently have, i have tried but give up, thanks. function...
  4. R

    Lua Request for Varkhal Addon NPC TFS 1.2

    Hello, looking for working Varkhal in TFS 1.2 Thanks 🥳
  5. Adorius Black

    [Gesior2012] addons.php

    Hope will be useful for somebody 🖥 Installation: 🖥 1. Download all files 2. Put folders (Addons and Items) inside your gesior root images folder C:\xampp\htdocs\images\ 3. Put addons.php inside your gesior pages folder C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\ 4. Put code below into layouts.php...
  6. A


    Error receiving addon in TFS, it just does not deliver the addon, the item arrives normal tfs OTX 1.3 CREATURESCRIPT/SCRIPT/SHOP.LUA -- ### CONFIG ### -- message to player "type", if delivery of item debugs client, it can be because of undefinied type (type that does not exist in your...
  7. bybbzan

    0.4 Module window question

    Is it possible to use a module window when using an item in 0.4 [8.6]? For example: Right click on Ferumbras' hat, module window asks you: Do you want to exchange Ferumbras' hat for both mage addons? Click yes and you recieve the addons. Thanks in advance.
  8. A

    OTClient Something with outfit/addon

    Hello guys, I have a problem on my server, tfs 1.2 10.98. Pictures will explain alot. On mount, full hp as soon as I remove mount I get less hp, its something about addon bonuses and mounts I believe but I have no idea how to fix that. Imgur Here u can see the hp going down when I remove mount...
  9. Snavy

    Find Outfit Storage ID's & Addons

    Is it possible to get a list of Outfits + Addons (0,1,2,3) & Storage ID for each outfit that the player has?
  10. Kvn007

    Compiling How can i remove from Object Builder pattern Y LIMIT

    How can i remove from Object Builder pattern Y LIMIT The limit is 10 but i need 200 or 300...