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cast system 8.60

  1. chucky91

    TFS 8.60 with Cast System

    I modified this project to compile on Windows without using cmake's automatic configuration, however it is not compiling on Ubuntu in cmake. The original project does not compile on Windows or Ubuntu. If someone more experienced in Linux compilation could look into it. It's a good server with...
  2. Drucken

    Cast freezes after connection?

    I have a big question, I have tried to add several cast system to the "TFS 1. 5 downgraded by Nekiro", which is fine to some extent, the list, the commands, but when you connect to a character who is casting, everything is frozen, but still I can see the set that brings, his skills, capacity...
  3. GOD Coke

    Compiling Cast system error

    Can someone help me, I have changed my server from debian 8 to debian 9 and the cast system stopped working, i compiled everything fine and when someone opens the cast this comes out I use the tfs 0.4 I do not get any error in the console and I have the account manager disabled and no account...
  4. V

    [8.60] Real Map Full (CAST SYSTEM)

    Events and Features War of Emperium Trainers Offline Capture the Flag Battlefield Event Lottery System Itens VIPs 100% fixed Raids Automáticas Thais Edited Dota Event Guild Points Source on datapack Global Server Map: 100% Scripts: 100% Systems:. 100% Items: 100% Monsters: 100% Npcs: 100% TFS...