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  1. V

    TFS 1.3 SSA Consuming Charges on Atk

    Hey everyone, As stated in title, I'm using TFS 1.3, and for some reason that I can't figure out why, Stone Skin Amulets are using charges while attacking with a wand/rod of death element. To be clear, its not consuming charges of the player being attacked, but of the player wearing the SSA...
  2. potinho

    TFS 0.X Rune dont show charges

    I have a rune mana on my server. Her script is ok, their sales with the charges are ok but the rune does not show the charges in her description, I would like her to show them. can you help me? Tried to create a action to use but not worked. Follow my mana rune system spells.xml <rune...
  3. I

    Dont use runes on battle window

    Hello guys, can someone help me? i think otclient dont have support for this yet, if i'm not wrong. i need cancel runes on battle against players, only monsters can be attacked by battle with runes, like oldschool tibia.. And another thing i need help is charges text on runes with charges...