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  1. Zainox

    Help with Framework and Windows 7 compatibility with client 8.60

    Good morning, I hope everyone is doing very well. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR EVERYONE!!!! I WISH THE BEST FOR 2020 I write because I need help with my Tibia 8.60 client. It is a modified client which has extended SPR. The problem is that only players who have windows 10 can run it. Windows 7 players...
  2. cricks

    TFS 1.X+ Make OT compatible with 10.98 and 12

    I know it is possible to make my OT compatible with both versions, however, whenever I try to login using client 10.98, my client crash. I can select my character, the game crash when the character get online. How am I suppose to make my otserver compatible with version 10.98 too? Main client...