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  1. El Man

    [USA] [8.60] WIKI-OTS | 100% CUSTOM MAP | HIGHEXP

    Tibia game play enjoyable server DISCORD : discord.gg/km7z9KAZ59 Facebook : Wiki-Ots | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/wikiotserv) IP : wiki-ots.com Version : 8.60 HIGHEXP Server RPG Rates: Exp rate is mid-high. (Level 1.M) - ( Level 2.M) LOOT RATE - 5x Features: 100% Custom...
  2. SalvaART

    [EUROPE][8.60] Triasot - Saturday 16:00 CET [Custom Evolution Map]

    The server was created by experienced Tibia players. When we say experienced, we mean players who have been playing this game from practically the beginning. We stand out with our own custom evo map, full balance of vocations, spells, potions, runes, and old school gameplay... TriasOT 8.60...