ferumbras ascension

  1. guiismiti

    10.90 bosses

    Hi, Does anybody know where I can get info about Ascending Ferumbras, Destabilized Ferumbras, Ferumbras Mortal Shell, Ferumbras Soul Splinter, Enthralled Demon and Rift Invader? I scripted this fight as it is in the original game, but none of the wikis I visited have the info about attacks and...
  2. Loveria

    [France] [8.60] Frozeria High Exp Custom OT | War&RPG | Ferumbras Ascension

    Frozeria Ferumbras Ascension Frozeria is the first open tibia server to add Ferumbras Ascension to 8.60. Ferumbras Ascension Frozeria Edition is a new boss hunt feature thats only available on Frozeria. You will recieve the best items ingame (Tier 4.5 and Tier 5) when your hunting these bosses...