1. siolyolekk

    Tibia 3D Multiplayer Project - what do you think?

    Hello everyone, me and my friend we do Tibia 3D Multiplayer in Unity 3D :D First test with players will be on WarServer in Carlin. Max 20 players because free server can't give more. What do you think: Please for vote and send message what is your opinion for this project. It will help us a...
  2. Paszq

    My 3D game project, a bit similar to Tibia!

    Hello everyone, I am not sure if that's the right place to post it, but I've seen this topic and it seems everyone was OK with it :) For the last 1.5 year I've been working on a little personal project, heavily inspired by games I liked and wanted to see them mixed. I called it Arpago...