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gesior acc 8.60

  1. asdzx123

    AAC [Gesior Acc] [Characters.php] Experience History Today

    If there is anyone who has this text in this place, please I want to merge it here Characters.php 1661512263 bump
  2. Sotomayor

    Gesior 0.3.7 support.php bug script

    Hello greetings for all, i have a problem with this scripth i try to fix my problem are the last access and status online or offline dont work, but down they work all, but i want the first table not the second tables because i dont like it jeje, could someone can help to fix this please? good...
  3. F

    Acordion menu Gesior

    Olá amigos vem por este caminho, pedir um website gesior com menu de acordeão. Obrigado amigo.
  4. Crixpx

    [Gesior ACC]how fix? Date time fail

    how fix time date help me plz
  5. Natan Beckman

    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    Hello guys! See below the news of the new Gesior. Many bug fixes and shop system with full outfit. Sorry my English. :D Change on files mysql pass(senha): account/ajax_accountname.php account/ajax_charactername.php account/ajax_email.php $conn =...