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  1. Adorius Black

    Lua Healing Spear heal monsters...

    Hi guys I want to create healing spear but here is problem. I want to heal only pleayers but it heals also monsters. I was searching little bit on OTland and found function with CallBack but can't figure out how to put it there. Is here any scripter who can fix it? Thank you. local animEffect...
  2. Z

    Lua Exori but healing if hit a monster or player

    0.4 Hello, I was trying to do this by myself, but I couldn't think in a way to make this work I want exactly like the title. Knight uses exori, if the spell hits a monster or a player, the knight get healed, if hits 2 monsters or players, heals 2 times the healing and so on. Thank you Exori's...
  3. Raber

    TFS 1.X+ How much mana/health gain on potion heal.

    Wondering if there's any way to show how much mana/health gain is made when a potion is used. This would be replacing the "Aaaaah..." which it normally casts. here's the code that I use: local config = { lvl = 1, -- the multiplier for how much level matters. Default 1. mlvl = 2, -- the...
  4. eduardocosta

    Compiling How to show health and mana(healing numbers)

    Hello team, Could anyone help me with a code for 10.98 TFS-1.2 server? After using HP and MP potions show the heal numbers. I need the code to compile (Visual Studio program) . Ex: Thnx :)