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  1. F

    [Mexico] [Custom/12.72] [Mid EXP] MadnesGrave OTS || 24/7

    -->Madness Grave´s Website<-- Hellgrave Base(Customized) This is a New Era For Tibia OTs. Aren´t You Tired Of Playing Just To Get Higher Lvl? Come Play With Us Learn Up To 5 Jobs Just as Herbalism Mining Woodcutting Skinning Fishing [enhanced] Here you can Find a Crafting With Different Kind...
  2. K

    [10.98] Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound, Fury

    I'm using this for my own project but you can do whatever you want with it (based on "Hellgorge"). Client: 10.98 (you can downgrade by importing the map, if needed)