1. H

    Skills Points

    CreatureEvent - [TFS 1.1] Skill Points, modalwindow ( Hello, I'm using the skill points script for this link. I just wanted a help, when the player passes lvl, it does not appear that he won the "points" but the points go to...
  2. J

    Use the conversation window, when we do not have the modal

    I would like the script to use the window of choice of converts, (Chanel) for me to do as if it were a modal, I want me to get through an area so that when I step on the tile the window appears and I clicking on the chosen one takes me to a certain place, making me something and of course. as...
  3. DiegoRulez

    Programmer Add Modal + Cast

    I'm looking for a programmer who knows how to work with sources. Initially I need to add two functions: 1- Cast System 2- Modal Window System I use OTX 3 for version 7.72 Interested I look for PM in OTLand or Discord: Diego#9020 I want to pay for the service
  4. P

    TFS 1.3 Close force ModalWindow

    Hi, how to close ModalWindow? I want close Window after x time, but I dont know how close for the player.