1. Eduardo170

    Compiling Any can help me with these errors in msvc 2010.

    Hi guys, this is my first time compiling, i compiling TFS 0.4 in msvc 2010 x64 bits, but dont work and giving me these errors, any can help me?. I have: -Windows 10-64 bits -Sources TFS 0.4 3777 ([8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.4) -MSVC 2010
  2. P

    Windows Compiling 0.4 server on newest MSVC 17

    Hello. This isn't a big problem, because I already can compile tfs 0.4 on MSVC 10, but I want to ask: How can I upgrade project to use it on newest version of Visual Studio 17? I already added all include and lib folders, but when I click rebuild then a lot of errors are showed up, and this is...