1. herki17

    Script - passive abilities

    Hi, I'm looking for a script which gives each vocation passive ability (they will work all the time) if possible: - if you're in party, members have increased healing power - X% monster damage resistance (only monster damage!), X% mana/health regeneration/s, - arrows, bolts can hit 3 enemies at...
  2. L

    Spell that make players hit back

    I have a passive monster edit in sources Feature - Simple passive monsters So i wanted to make monsters ignore players by storage but couldn't find anything for TFS 1.2 If someone can make me a spell (wave) that the monster uses and if the spell lands the player damages the monster so it...
  3. xydius

    CreatureEvent Passive Spells tfs 1.2

    Hello fellow otlanders, Im releasing this simple "script" i just made for my custom ot where players have a passive spell which are cast from time to time while the player is in combat and has a target. First go to creaturescripts and create a new file and name it however you want and paste...