1. Zorenia

    Mapper/Scripter: POI for version 7.72

    Hello Guys, I would like to hire one of you, to assist implementing POI to our server. Server: Client: 7.72 / TFS 1.2 Any further information about the server can't be giving on this stage, we're still in development phase. If you could assist on this, please contact me to discuss further...
  2. Ralumbi

    [Germany, USA, Australia, Brazil] [7.4] Legendary MasterCores is coming back!

    MODERATORS: Please don't remove this thread (again) because it breaks the rule "need to state where it's hosted". It does state it, MasterCores has 4 seprate servers which is in Europe, USA, Brazil and Australia. It's not some weird proxy thing or so. Thanks for understanding and reading this...
  3. Aldo Axel

    TFS 0.X POI Bug on getPlayerHealth

    Server: [TFS 0.4] (8.60) - Regards, my issue is due a poi quest, when the players walk on the fires of vocations, shows me this error: [21:13:13.583] [Error - MoveEvents Interface] [21:13:13.599] data/movements/scripts/PitsOfInferno/FireKnightNorth1.lua:onStepIn [21:13:13.599] Description...
  4. S

    [France] Darocion 7.4 Real Map with INQ / POI / SOFT Boots new City and more! <START 09.09.2017>

    Server Information From Level To Level = 1-7 30x From Level To Level = 8-30 70x From Level To Level = 31-50 50x From Level To Level = 51-70 30x From Level To Level = 71-100 15x From Level To Level = 101-120 10x From Level To Level = 121-130 5x From Level To Level = 131-150 3x From Level To Level...