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  1. PuszekLDZ

    [Poland][7.4] RetroTibia - start December 14th 2020 - 15:00CET

    Do you remember? We do, for this reason a thought and idea arose to return to those times. The times when you were sitting and doing runes, training your skills and talking to people. The times of making friends that have survived to this day, people who will not be forgotten and spending a lot...
  2. Zeelex

    [USA][8.0 - 8.1] [PerfectTibia] - SEASON 2 BEGINS ON FRIDAY (19/03) - Real Map & Custom .Futom .Fully scripted content , Old Style Gameplay

    Welcome to Perfect Tibia We realized that long ago, Tibia made continuous wrong decisions. Cipsoft failed to improve the gameplay, and made tibia easier and less meaningful with every update they released. However not everything was terrible, some sprites, spells, mechanics and quests were...
  3. RetroTibiaStaff

    [Sweden] [7.4] Retrotibia - Launch 6 September 18.00 [EU]

    Hello OTLand Community! My name is Steve, Me and my close partners GM Skyrr & GM Faerwynn are now launching a longterm 7.4 retro server. This one will be nostalgia all over again for old & new players! Both me and Skyrr have been playing this game since the dawn of time. We cherish this game...
  4. tjafs

    [France] [Custom / 7.7] RetroTibia RookGaard RPG PVP-E (Mid-Rates) START 05/11/2018 18.00 CEST

    Website: Retrotibia.online Client 7.72 In Order to Play Retro Tibia You have to Download Antibot Client 1.0 Retrotibia.zip ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rates: Stage 1-20 x5 21-35 x4 36-90 x3 91+ x2 Regeneration 3x Loot...