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  1. Terotrificy

    Othire 1.0 (Can't remove item below player position)

    Hi, i'm using Othire 1.0 server on 7.72. I'm trying to make a script to create a sewer when you step in a tile and remove the sewer when you step out (like devil helmet quest sewer). The problem is when the player or any item is above this sewer at the momment of step out, it can't find the...
  2. Terotrificy

    Furniture Package working outside houses tiles

    Hello, i'm having an issue in Othire 1.0 server, when i buy furniture in packages, it's supposed to not work inside the backpack or outside a house tile, however while the first condition works fine, i'm still able to unpack the furniture outside a house. My intention is to make packpages...
  3. Vingart

    Slow Animation of Tiles

    Hello, I would like to know how to reduce the delay in changing the frames of the items in otc 8.6, I added a water sprite on my server with 16 frames of animation, but it is very slow, I would like to accelerate, how do I do this?
  4. miens

    rme - cant see lower levels

    Hi. I want to make stairs to the underground. And I want the stairs from the lower level to be visible on ground level. Unfortunately when I delete all items from ground level the tile becomes black and you cant see anything from lower levels. How can I make a tile transparent? Please see...
  5. ralke

    Stamina Tile (OTX Server 2)

    I need a script: 1. Player get in (stepIn) a special tile (with unique/action id) 2. When he stay on the tile, he reloads stamina in a certain % per minute (or time interval). 3. When he gets off the tile he can't get on it again for 30 minutes. I think it would be a great idea to release too...