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  1. pink_panther

    [US][7.4] Nostalther Violet | True Reverse Engineered 7.4 | STARTS SEPT 10 2022

    Nostalther Violet will be starting Stepember 10th 2022 @ 5am UTC Nostalther violet is a true reverse engineered, hardcore low rate, long-term project that aims to bring that that nostalgic feel. Everyone is invited to come and experience the true nostalgic feel of this low rate, hardcore...
  2. Ezzz

    The Violet Project - CipSoft Reverse Engineering Project

    The Violet Project Preview Video #1 Yes, only one video showing the most important facts that I didn't achieve on Nostalrius. Named Violet in honor of my deceased grandmother, Violeta, my heart and soul belongs to you. So this is what I have been working for the past five or so months, been...