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  1. SalvaART

    [EUROPE][8.60] Triasot - Saturday 16:00 CET [Custom Evolution Map]

    The server was created by experienced Tibia players. When we say experienced, we mean players who have been playing this game from practically the beginning. We stand out with our own custom evo map, full balance of vocations, spells, potions, runes, and old school gameplay... TriasOT 8.60...
  2. N

    [Poland][8.60] Evolaris (Beta)

    Hello dear players! We would like to invite you to Evolaris beta, where you can play and help us improve our server! Test Server is ONLINE, and you can join in every moment :) Everybody who will help testing and will get some profits on official! You can every bugs and your ideas write on our...
  3. F


    Welcome to Flameria! What is flameria? Flameria is produced on the 8.0 engine combined with a few features from higher versions and lower! But the best thing is that the nostalgia is real here! We have a few custom spawns added to the server so we have more high level content places otherwise...
  4. Kungenn

    [Germany][7.4] Classic-Gaming - Zanera - TODAY 21:00 CEST - HR - PVP ENFO with Skulls - CIP Engine -

    Welcome adventurer to Zanera! https://www.classic-gaming.org/ Starting TODAY »21:00 CEST April 1« This server is PVP-Enforced BUT with skulls and normal exhaust on the real tibia engine. If you played PVP-Enforced on real tibia you know that there was no skulls and the exhaust was only 1...
  5. K

    [POLAND][10.10] Fire OTS

    Welcome to the Fire server Custom Map GWars, Balanced Vocation, Auctions, Castle and more! Take a look at our website: Fire OTS General Information: Server Info: IP: fireots.pl (Port: 7171) Client: 10.10 (version 12 soon) Online: 24/7 World type: OPEN (Protection level: 50) House rent...
  6. kubqq

    AAC [MyAAC] Problem with wars.php - Wars Menu on Website

    Hello Everyone, I installed a MyAAC, I read this is AAC Maker on Gesior System, I cant add a menu with wars.php I dont have and I cant find in any version of MyAAC file wars.php so I try to copy wars.php from my last AAC Maker Gesior to new. But I have this error and I can't find any fix...
  7. Fribben

    [Germany] OriginalTibia 7.4 [HR] | RUNES IN SHOP | hardcore PvP-E | ONLINE!

    Server Information : Uptime: 24x7 Datacenter: Frankfurt, Germany (Europe) Full 7.4 highrate real map Website: www.originaltibia.com Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) Gameplay : You can travel with PZ on boats and carpets! Boosted spawns (tombs etc) Buy bp mana/runes...
  8. Loveria

    [France] [8.60] Frozeria High Exp Custom OT | War&RPG | Ferumbras Ascension

    Frozeria Ferumbras Ascension Frozeria is the first open tibia server to add Ferumbras Ascension to 8.60. Ferumbras Ascension Frozeria Edition is a new boss hunt feature thats only available on Frozeria. You will recieve the best items ingame (Tier 4.5 and Tier 5) when your hunting these bosses...