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  1. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Vial of water did not work TFS 0.4. HELP !

    Filling the vial with water does not work :( I need this feature to be done dreamer's challenge quest etc... On the other hand, Sandra in Edron sells an empty vial. How to fix it? empty vial in item editor It looks like this: sandra.lua: shopModule:addBuyableItem({'vial of oil'}, 2006...
  2. Lucas Primo

    How To - Draw well water

    Hello guys! My TFS 1.3, ot 10.98. When I draw draw well, I fall downstairs. How do I make it contain infinite water and can I fill containers with this water? Okay, I can get water from it, but how do I prevent it by clicking to go inside it it does not fall underground? Ok, for now I just...
  3. elnelson

    Lua Vial/Bottle/Bucket/Mug containers wont pick up water.

    Hello, otlanders i have a problem. When i try to fill the container (vial or w/e) with shallow water (id:4644) vial wont fill up. but, when i try to use with desert shallow water (id: 4632) it fills the vial with wáter. here is the script im using on TFS 0.4 Rev 3777 local DISTILLERY = {5513...
  4. AdiMit

    Solved [ObjectBuilder] 10.77+ Tibia water obj/spr on 8.60 Tibia

    Hello dear OtLand community :) I've been trying to swap the new water look from ~10.77 to 8.60 using the newest ObjectBuilder. I've extracted all the water-related(water ground/waterfalls/water vortex/the huge turtle/waterbank/sandy shore, etc.) obj/spr from Tibia client 10.56(which I think is...