1. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #5

    my latest work image scaled down to 90% of its original size
  2. 4Marsupilami

    [8.60-11] Services Marsupilami - Mapper, Scripter, Graphic Designer

    Hi there, I'm Marsupilami. I have been working on OT servers for over a decade. From the "Marsupilami" sign for almost two years. The rich experience opens up many opportunities for cooperation. The highest quality of all scripts and maps are straight from Marsupilami. It doesn't matter if you...
  3. amoxicilina

    show outfit in gesiorACC 2012

    Hello, I wish my page for a character did not show up. I'm using GesiorACC de 2012. example: Clique Aqui.
  4. G

    Webdesigner Graphic Design For Webpages

    Hello, I would like to offer my services with photoshop, If you are looking to have a webpage designed or really anything else, a small payment of $50 is all it takes. Here are some exaples of just some things I randomly designed, edited and drew. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]...
  5. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #4

    credits to cipsoft for background image css transitions:
  6. Naxtie

    Webdesign Unfinished Project

    I'm releasing this unfinished project. Maybe someone else can finish it and use it. The reason i'm releasing it is because I was making it for someone who later on decided to use a Global Tibia layout instead on their server. It includes the full .PSD file for photoshop. Preview:
  7. Sun

    Scripter Scripting services

    I work with Lua (tfs 0.3.6 - 1.3) Web: JS / AJAX / HTML / CSS / PHP SQL Price: 12€/h or by project. Accept payments by PP / swish / wire transfer / WU / Ria
  8. EaiComeu

    I'm looking for a web designer for Gesior 2012

    Hello Otland, I'm looking for a web designer (Free Lancer) for Gesior 2012 to create a medieval layou like this:
  9. tjafs

    Searching for Web Designer Pay Job!

    Greetings everyone im searching for a web designer msg me ur discord/skype thanks
  10. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

    better quality pic: https://i.cubeupload.com/bnlWOg.png background artwork by Cipsoft