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  1. kalle303

    [Sweden] [8.1] World War

    Welcome to World War 8.1 Port: 7172 Hostname: worldwar.hopto.org Login with: 1/1 - Antica 2/2 - Nova 3/3 - Secura 4/4 - Amera 5/5 - Calmera 6/6 - Hiberna 7/7 - Harmonia All Teams are famous players from classic Tibia. Bubble was 239 then. Eternal Oblivion was 292 then. Dagor Dragontooth was...
  2. STiX

    Gauging Interest - Map Shape Templates

    I'm curious if anyone would be interested in map shapes to be used as a bit of a templated resource for building new worlds? I'm very bad at small details (I can't map out a mountain to save my life), but better working at a macro-level. If I were to create and publish a bunch of map shapes...
  3. Clickzz

    [PROJECT] Welcome to Clickz Custom Map Project!

    Hello OTland and welcome to my thread! Today i decided to start mapping on a 100% custom map. (2020-10-15) I have mapped for some years on and off and i allways wanted an own custom map, so i think its a really nice project to do. I wanna show you guys what i've done so far and i will update...
  4. cricks

    Sigma world - starting from scratch!

    Hello everyone. I would like to share my entire project from scratch with you. Each new step will be shared here until I completely finish the whole Sigma world. Before starting, I want to say I have everything planned already and it took me a while to write all my plans. Now, it is time to...
  5. tago360

    OTs11 ~ Tibia North America Purge! Custom map TFS 1.2 clients 11+

    I have posted in the past of making a OT but I lost the files and wasn't able to retrieve... Link- Custom OT 10.90++ OTs11 New World Comming in neat future. so... I Am making a OT 100% mapped and scripted by me, TFS 1.2 based OT compiled for Tibia clients 11+ and will backup multiple...
  6. rexxton

    Two Worlds

    Please, does anyone have a tutorial or do you know how to open two worlds? I would like to open one ot with a pvp and no-pvp world... And also the question of the site when creating the character choose which world to go ... I thank you!
  7. bielzeta

    Saint Seiya Online!

    Heey Everyone, i'm here to Present to you the Otserver That is inspired on one of the best "Animes" that Exist. SAINT SEIYA! Introduction • Saint Seiya will be a...