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[10.98] How to modify RME brushes?


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Jul 23, 2017
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Why is it not possible to change some walls / brushes in the .xml files of RME?
<brush name="lava (rock soil & cave ground)" type="ground" server_lookid="598" z-order="7700">
        <item id="598" chance="100"/>
        <item id="600" chance="5"/>
        <item id="601" chance="5"/>
        <item id="23858" chance="1"/>
        <item id="23859" chance="2"/>
        <item id="23860" chance="1"/>
        <item id="23861" chance="2"/>
        <border align="inner" to="cave" id="18"/>
        <border align="inner" to="cave (alternate border)" id="18"/>
        <border align="inner" to="rock soil" id="30"/>
        <border align="inner" to="frozen mud" id="211"/> <!-- If I add this condition, RME gives me error message "to brush frozen mud doesn't exist-->
        <friend name="sea"/>
If I add the commented on frozen mud, RME gives me error message "to brush frozen mud doesn't exist
The brush does exist:

<brush name="frozen mud" type="ground" server_lookid="7062" z-order="10">

(and <brush name="frozen mud"/> in tilesets also exist )

But RME won't recognize it here for some reason. If I add the "frozen mud" condition to the regular lava brush, it does recognize it. I'm going crazy over this!

I have the same problem when I try to make new brushes, most of the time it doesn't work for no apparent reason, with no error messages at all. The brush just won't paint anything.

Is there any other files I need to modify to make stuff work in RME? Like, the load order or something in the source? Because changing things around in the XML file clearly doesn't always work for some walls / grounds / borders.

Using RME 3.7. Doesn't matter if I use the updated brush version or not.
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