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TFS 1.X+ 2 server 1 mysql server


Mar 7, 2023
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Engine: TFS 1.5 (Nekiro Downgrade)
Tibia Version: 8.60

2 different servers with differents ips, connecting to 1 mysql server???? Yes... In the past it was possibleo_O...
I would like to be able to place 1 mysql server in one of the two server, for the both servers (the both server have different machines or hosts), the problem is that when adding a different ip in the server config.lua:

-- MySQL
mysqlHost = "Here i put another IP"
mysqlUser = "root"
mysqlPass = "I dont put nothing here because i dont use password. I use xampp so i can put the ips who can access to the mysql server"
mysqlDatabase = "databaseName"
mysqlPort = 3306
mysqlSock = ""

The server goes down for no reason, any help with this? It would be very good to be able to get it done.
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so Host shouldbe the same, for example if you have database directly on VPS
you set
mysqlHost = "localhost"

one server:
mysqlDatabase = "ots1"

second server:
mysqlDatabase = "ots2"
@Dakos different machines... 2 servers with different machine/hosts using 1 mysql server.

For someone who reads this and doesn't know
, xampp actually allows you to assign IPs that will have access to mysql, so the only communication or connection to the phpmyadmin/mysql table will be between both servers or some other IP that I assign.