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2D MMO Alternative to Tibia/OT with a great community

Most people I know played Phobos at one point.
The game is gorgeous and unlike some other 2D games fakely advertise, they actually have their own engine and client. (which is to be fair, outdated)

The story is great, gameplay fun, terrible lag.
They just need time and $$ to get the game rolling.
But at least they rather stay small than pay cheap 3rd world developers to do their work for them.
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I agree that development has taken a lot of time but the game is building up momentum, here you can read a roadmap - it was a roadmap for 2021 but it is still in the works
Please enlighten me, what makes this another OTS? it cant be by definition so it must be that you played a lot and know what the similarities are other than it is visually heavily inspired by tibia
This is definitely some kind of OTS / a game so heavily "inspired" by Tibia that I would call it a "copy" or an OTS even if the artwork may be technically original just like Medivia's artwork is technically original, but we all know it's an OTS still.

I haven't done any reverse engineering work here (I'm a newb at it anyways), but just by the looks of the client files they're not running OTClient, which is cool, maybe they made their own client from scratch, or maybe they're using some other OT client, one comes to mind but I can't remember the name and I'm not gonna go looking for it, so I'm not sure.

The gameplay video is cute, but doesn't demonstrate anything original, in fact it just looks 100% like a Tibia copy/OTS.
Either way, whether it has anything cool or original or not, I wish them the best of luck with development and hope people will try it out if they feel like it and have fun. Cheers.
I've talked to the owner recently.
Everything is made from scratch, client, server and art.
Obviously it is heavily inspired by Tibia but the gameplay feels completely different.

Cool game, great feeling and feels unique, though obviously heavily inspired by Tibia. I can see why the devs do get a bit annoyed when people keep saying it's an OT though lol. I would recommend testing it out! +free
Im wondering how Source could think that they use otclient. I remember that Phobos was in development at least in 2007.