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[7.4, 7.8, 7.92, 8.0] Sabrehaven.com based on Nostalrius 7.7 fork

What is Sabrehaven​

Link to repo: GitHub - ErikasKontenis/SabrehavenServer (https://github.com/ErikasKontenis/SabrehavenServer)

Overall I feel like I have contributed to open tibia too little and worked too much in private as compared with other developers I see and respect so in return I wish to give everything I took. And I wish you the best use of the Sabrehaven server and its features. Server is based on the Nostalrius fork which uses original cipsoft resources which were leaked- however I would say this is super expansion features wise than Nostalrius fork I have started with and there we have had lots of old crash bugs fixed like aleta sio regex crash bug, creatures talk for no spectators crash bug fix and etc. All in all, I will try to make a little documentation for you. To start with, take a look at the Good reads for you about my and Sabrehaven life:

Sabrehaven features or whats new not in the Nostalrius fork​

  • 7.8-8.0 cities and quests including POI, INQ and other.
  • Outfits, Outfit Addons, Mounts, Shaders, Auras, Wings...
  • Market system.
  • Built in client shop system.
  • Offline training implementation.
  • Stamina implementation.
  • Guild wars with bounties implementation.
  • Quest log support.
  • And quite many more for you to discover including many bugfixes.

How to find things in this mess​

The very first and the very important thing is to take a look at the commit history! You can find the whole progress of the development which may be very useful for you. Now lets speak about branches:
Compile the sources just as you would compile any other TFS server. Here is also sabrehaven.sql which you must use to create clean schema and little schema changes for znoteAAC support sabrehaven_znote.sql.

Info regarding Sabrehaven 8.0​

  • You should use 800OTClient folder to login with the very specific OTClient which is based OTCv8
  • There is the most majority of the new cool features: mounts and shaders, in-game shop system, market system (there is a little snipper in www library to generate json for items), colourful loot message based on items.srv cost property, the implementation of inq, svargrond arena and other cool things. However many things are missing like no mount outfits for all outfits except citizen outfit, majority of items missing its description in items.srv.

Info regarding Sabrehaven 7.92​

It is quite precise replica of how 7.92 tibia worked only with original cipsoft client and it does not contain too much custom features.

Info regarding Sabrehaven 7.8​

It is supreme replica of 7.8 server- I was taking care of the every detail how the map and features differ from leaked 7.72 and 7.8 however didin't receive too much interest from players and I though 7.9 with POI has to be the thing I need to make server great success. Only 7.8 original client required to login.

Info regarding Sabrehaven 7.4​

Nothing much to say- wasn't a big success, it is basically a copy of 7.92 sabrehaven but without hotkeys and map has deleted PZs in boats to abuse newbies. And good old uh trap and other traps to abuse the newbies even more. Login with OTCv8.

The little QA session for you because I know what you want to ask​

Sabrehaven Tools​


  • Erikas Kontenis for the Sabrehaven Platform
  • CustomTibia OTLand user for the mapping 8.0 custom areas
  • Nostalrius and TheForgottenServer Team
  • Maybe Cipsoft too for its resources and the whole game? Idk :)

Some pictures from in-game​

bank color_loot ingameshop inq market
I ask you a question how you can edit or add items on this server?.. I downloaded this editor
I have put in the folder of the ezitemeditor the things 792 of the otclient of the server and does not read it, it tells me Failed to open Tibia.spr!, how can I edit or create new items then? because with the regular item editor it does not open the items.srv file