[7.92] my new elczosss ots!! Rpg-pvp bugs fixed!


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Jan 15, 2008
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Hi im back from holidays and made new ots ; ) i think you will enjoy my new babe :D so.. last features
- Colors in console [Remere]
- Premium System [Xidaozu]
- Premium System working for Sql [Zorzin]
- Saving Premium Days (the premDays was not saving) [Zorzin]
- Private Chat Channel only for premium accounts [Zorzin]
- When the premium ends, the player is teleported to the Free Temple, his Outfit is changed to Free, and he receive a Message saying that the premium has expired [Zorzin]
- "see_playersonline" in config.lua (In Console: "Player Name" logged in. XX Players online.) [Zorzin]
- "see_rejectmsg" in config.lua (In Console: Reject player... Reason: xx) [Zorzin]
- When it's the first visit, appears the Outfit Box [Zorzin]
- You may not speak into channels as long as you are on level 1 (two options in config.lua) [Zorzin]
- Server Save [TLM]
- 7.92 Support [Zorzin]
- GM Look - You see Itemid, Actionid, Uid, (Hp e Mana -> only if is players) and the Position [Pedro B.]
- Added Subtype in GM Look (only if the item has) [Zorzin]
- Command /sendprivate msg (sends a private message to everyone that is online) [Zorzin]
- Promotion System 100% [Zorzin]
- Promotion System for SQL and XML [Zorzin]
- Price of Premium and Promotion in config.lua [Zorzin]
- LuaScripts: buyPromotion(cid), getPremiumPrice(), getPromotionPrice(), havePromotion(cid) [Zorzin]
- Configs: Hpticks, Manaticks, etc... for promoted players in vocations.xml [Zorzin]
- Fixed Soul System (the soul was not stopping.. Now you configure the max_soul in "soul_max" do vocations.xml) [Zorzin]
- Added configs in Vocations.xml: soul_max, soul_amount, soul_ticks, soul_up_time (there are these configs to promoted players too) [Zorzin]
- NpcFunction: getCountNumber(msg) [Soulblaster]
- Buy/Sell System 100% like in Tibia RL [Zorzin]
- LuaScript "haveItem(cid, itemid, count, subtype, iscountable)" [Zorzin]
- Configuration of the maximum items that can be buyed in config.lua [Zorzin]
- Addons e Outfit System 100% like in Tibia RL [Zorzin]
- LuaScript "doPlayerAddAddon(cid, outfitnumb, addon)" and "doPlayerAddExtraOutfit(cid, outfitnumb)" [Zorzin]
- Tutor System (access: 1 tutor, 2 senior tutor, 3 gamemaster, 4 senior gamemaster, 5 god) [Zorzin]
- Tutors and Senior Tutors talking in Orange in Help-Channel [Zorzin]
- Gamemasters, Senior Gamemasters and Gods talking in Red in Help-Channel [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua to show the name of access when look on a player (Ex: You see Zorzin. He is a knight. He is a tutor.) [Zorzin]
- New Chat Channels "GM's Chat" and "Tutor's Chat" [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua to the access that can move items far away [Zorzin]
- Command /access (give access to a player) [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua to let or not players change outfit (there are 4 options) [Zorzin]
- Config: Speed Fórmula for normal players and GM Speed in config.lua [Zorzin]
- Config: Shoot direclty on Players through Battle in config.lua [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua to activate ou desactivate the Capacity System [Zorzin]
- Red Login Msg when you enter on the server (in config.lua... Put "none" to desactivate) [Zorzin]
- Fixed some texts in english, ex: ("It weighs" changed to "It weights") [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua to activate or desactivate the text: It weights x oz. (when look to a item) [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua "can_attack_summons" [Zorzin]
- Anti-AFK System (with 5 option in config.lua) [Zorzin]
- Trade Delay (with 2 options in config.lua: the time and the message) [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua to edit the color of Black Square (you can put random colors too) [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua to edit the color of Exp (you can put random colors too) [Zorzin]
- New system of Change a itemid to another itemid in config.lua when Loading Map!!! [Zorzin]
- Added to change the IDS of old windows to new ones when is loading Map (in config.lua) [Zorzin]
- Rules System of the OTServer (in the file data/rules.xml you write the rules) [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua to show the rules when is the first login of the player [Zorzin]
- Command !rules to see the rules [Zorzin]
- Items disappear when throwed to warter/swamp/lava/oil and a effect is shown [Zorzin]
- Water/Lava/Swamp/Mountain/Rocks/Grass/Underwater Randomizer (9 options in config.lua included!! You may configurate if you want or not the randomizer and the percentage of each one) [Zorzin]
- "You are dead." window when the player dies (I've just fixed it to work well without bugs) [Zorzin]
- Spells only to Premium Accounts (options included in config.lua to configurate the message that is sent when a player doesn't have premium account) [Zorzin]
- Spells only to Promoted (options included in config.lua to configurate the message that is sent when a player isn't promoted) [Zorzin]
- Amulet of loss [Talaturen]
- Bug fixed in the Amulet of Loss system (before the bug fix the player would drop the AOL and his helmet) [Zorzin]
- New bag when a player dies [K-Zodron]
- Configuration of the bag/backpack ID that wil appear when a player dies and join again in the config.lua [Zorzin]
- you may configurate the loss when a player dies in the config.lua (in percentage - "item_loss", "exp_loss", "magiclevel_loss", "skills_loss", "backpack_loss") [Zorzin]
- Bless System [Zorzin]
- Configuração das bless no config.lua (as loss, porcentagem,..) [Zorzin]
- LuaScript: "getPlayerBlessing(cid,blessnumber)" and "doAddPlayerBlessing(cid,blessnumber)" [Zorzin]
- Blessing NPC Seller added [Zorzin]
- AtkSpeed to free account and AtkSpeed to promoted in vocations.xml [Zorzin]
- Commands "/up" and "/down" (now you can use "/up number" and "/down number" or only "/up" and "/down") [Zorzin]
- Commands "/randomoutfit" and "/gmoutfit" [Zorzin]
- config option "rate_enforced_exp" for PVP-Enforced player killing [Zorzin]
- When a player login he will be turned to south (just like the real tibia) [Zorzin]
- Stamina System (with 2 options in the config.lua: the stamina loss when a monster is killed and how many a player will gain per second when offline) [Zorzin]
- LuaScript "getPlayerStamina(cid)" (in seconds) [Zorzin]
- When the stamina is less than 14 hours, the player will only gain half exp [Zorzin]
- Command "/pvp worldtype" (change the server type) [Zorzin]
- New Condition: CONDITION_DROWNING and New Combat: COMBAT_DROWNING (like real tibia) [Zorzin]
- New "absorbPercentDrowning" to the items.xml [Zorzin]
- When you get Poison/Drowning, a message will be sent: "You are poisoned."/"You are drowning." [Zorzin]
- LuaScript "doPlayerSendIcon(cid, iconName, sendmessage)" (if sendmessage is 1, the following message will be shown: "You are poisoned.") [Zorzin]
- Rook System [Zorzin]
- Trade-Rookgaard and Trade working [Zorzin]
- No Player killing in Rookgard [Zorzin]
- if the player dies in main and gets a determined level he will be sent to rookgard (this system is all configurated in config.lua) [Zorzin]
- Commands Logs in "data/command_logs/playername.txt" [Zorzin]
- Now you can see who was the last to write in a paper and the date [Subarmy, Kiper, Talaturen]
- Fight Mode Rate configuration in config.lua (full_attack, balanced, full_defense... with this option you are able to make your server in the way you like =) [Zorzin]
- Protection System (3 options in config.lua: enable/unable, the level and the message that will appear)
- instead of showing: "You are already logged in.", the online player will be kicked and the other client will login (only if allowclones is bigger than 0) [Zorzin]
- Now you can't login with 2 or more chars in tha same account (2 options in config.lua: activate/disactivate and the message) [Zorzin]
- Added "decayTo" option to items.xml [Xidaozu]
- Added "infinite_runecharges" and "infinite_ammunation" options in config.lua [Xidaozu]
- Added Skull System configuration in config.lua: banunjust, redunjust, bantime, fragtime, whitetime [Xidaozu]
- Party System [Remere]
- If the player tries to enter in a Party and the another one is not online, appears: "Player is not online" [Zorzin]
- !buyhouse [Pedro B.]
- Option in config.lua to show or not the price of a house when Look to the house door [Zorzin]
- Option in config.lua if the houses are only for premium players or for free too [Zorzin]
- Fixed the !buyhouse for working in New SVN and changed the "You do not have the required level." of !buyhouse for: "You need level (xx) to buy a house." [Zorzin]
- Command: /mccheck (checks if a player is using MC) [Silv]
- Guild System [Yurez]
- Quest Logs [Kiper]
- /reload quests [Kiper]
- Death List [Jiddo]
- Command: /viewdeaths name (see the deaths of the player) [Zorzin]
- Command: /invisible [The Chaos, Xidaozu]
- Command: !report (saves the reports in a txt on data/reports) [Zorzin]
- DeathList Loading/Saving pra SQL [LarvaExotech]
- You can get more than level 350 [Yurez, Zorzin]
- Acc Manager [Rogier]
- Fixed Acc Manager, added sex option [Zorzin]
- Added Acc Manager Settings (Now it can config all) [Zorzin]
- Fixed bug of Acc Manager... The GUID wasnt working good, now the GUID will save in order [Zorzin]
- Fixed bug of Manager.. The players can make chars already existing..Now it cant happen [Zorzin]
- Player cant make char with Gm/God name [Zorzin]
- /reload vocations [Zorzin]
- Items.ob fixed, added some new itens and names of it [Ta4e]
- Items.otb fixed [ta4e]
- Stone Skin Amulet decreased 80% of damage [ta4e]
- Protection Amulet only protect from phyisical damage [ta4e]
- Stealth Ring with 8 min [ta4e]
- bugs fix in items.xml [ta4e]
- Spells 90% iqual Tibia RL [ta4e, Vinii]
- Fireworks Rocket [ta4e]
- Food System 100% iqual Tibia RL [ta4e]
- Windows System [Taker, ta4e]
- Construction Kits 100% iqual RL [ta4e]
- Dice [Grizzmo]
- Surprise Bag (blue and red) [ta4e]
- Bed System (with configuration in config.lua) [nfries88]
- Beds only for Premium Accounts [Zorzin]
- Hotkeys System [skulldiggers]
- Use food and other things on hotkey [Zorzin]
- Fixed "Use on Yourself" of Hotkey System[Zorzin]
- Now you can Use on Target and Use with Crosshairs in hotkey [Zorzin]
- Now shows the item you using on hotkeys [Zorzin]
- Hotkey System 100% iqual tibia [Zorzin]
- Hotkeys settings in config.lua [Zorzin]
- Obsidian Knife [cokey, ta4e, Zorzin]
- LuaScripts: getConfigNumber(config), getConfigString(config), getConfigStringField(config, field) [Zorzin]
- Added a exemple of getConfigNumber(config) in script: actions/obsidian_knife.lua [Zorzin]
- New LuaScript: doTeleportPlayer(cid,x,y,z,sendeffect) [Zorzin]
- Surprise bags configurable in config.lua [Zorzin]
- You see "a"/"an" item. (Ex: You see an apple./You see a spellbook.) [Zorzin]
- Command /white, /red, /green, /blue msg (send a message to everyone that is online without appearing the name) [Zorzin]
- Command /pos (see your position (x,y,z)) [Zorzin]
- Command /sendeffect number (number can be 0 to 30 - send an effect to everyone that is online) [Zorzin]
- Command !online (see the players online - with option in config.lua to show Gms Online or not) [Zorzin]
- LuaScripts: "getPlayerInventoryItemId(cid,slot)" and "getPlayerInventoryItemCountOrSubtype(cid,slot )" (gets the ItemID of the item and the other gets the CountOuSubtype of the item...) [Zorzin]
- LuaScripts: "getPlayerInventoryItemActionId(cid,slot)" and "getPlayerInventoryItemUniqueId(cid,slot)" [Zorzin]
- Updated my SVN Revision to 2142 (17 January... a lot of bugs were fixed) [Zorzin]
- Added some doors in SVN Door System [Zorzin]
- Added new Flags for the monsters ("hidename" and "hidehealthandname" - with this is possible to make the Magicthrowers, and other creatures) [Zorzin]
- Fixed the "Hicks!" Message [Zorzin]
- Wands & Rods [Ispiro]
- New Icon [Zorzin]
- Underwater System (new Luascript: "getPlayerUnderwater(cid)" and "setPlayerUnderwater(cid, number)") [Zorzin]
- New Condition: CONDITION_WATER and COMBAT_WATER [Zorzin]
- Occasional bubble effect when walking underwater (like in Global Tibia) [Zorzin]
- Lose hp when walking underwater without Helmet of the Deep (like in Global Tibia) [Zorzin]
- New LuaScript: "doMovePlayer(cid,direction)" (NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, EAST, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST) [Zorzin]
- New LuaScript: "doMovePlayerToPosition(cid,x,y,z)" [Zorzin]
- Changed all actions of doors to my function: "doMovePlayerToPosition" [Zorzin]
- If the player logs in on a door and it's closed, he will be teleported to outside [Zorzin]
- New Level Doors System Like in Global Tibia (using my function: "doMovePlayerToPosition") [Zorzin]
- In each temple, added a teleport that lets the player Citizen of the city [Zorzin]
- Depot Tiles [Zorzin]
- LuaScript: "getPlayerLastLogin(cid)" [Zorzin]
- LuaScript: "doChangeTeleportDestpos(teleportpos,destpos)" (with this function, you can change the teleport Destpos to another one) [Zorzin]
- LuaScript: "getCreatureSpeed(cid)" [Zorzin]
- LuaScript: "changeCreatureSpeed(cid,speed)" [Zorzin]
- LuaScript: "hasProperty(uid, property)" (check if the item has a property - the properties are in global.lua) [Zorzin]
- Monsters 90% like in Global Tibia (except the Bosses that are from Evolutions) [Ta4e]
- LuaScript: "getPlayerMoney(cid, money)" [Zorzin]
- Npc of Addons and Outfits Versão 1.0 [Soulblaster]
- Explosive Arrow [Ta4e]
- Poison Arrow [Ta4e]
- Blessed Wooden Stake (with option in config.lua) [Ta4e]
- Ancient Helmet Action [Ta4e]

i did it with few friends so its really cool : )

download link XML - Link removed, please include source code.

have a nice day!
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Jan 15, 2008
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clean ; )

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Apr 8, 2014
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i have source of 7,92

functions from create reset system