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8.0 Nikera discussion


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Dec 21, 2008
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As a player who become a hoster for the first time in 10 years is making me feel someway, well I am here to introduce you guys to my server which I am going to host to try to create the most and best oldschool feeling you want at a server like this.

What do we offer?
We offer various customizations where spawns which are already on the content are either extended or decreased.
We offer a few custom respawns which have a few custom monsters aswell.
We offer items with skill boost/damage absorbing properties which makes the game/rpg feeling alot more nice.
We have a task system which enables you to do every task twice with either same or slightly less reward.
We have four different global events which invites all players to join and get a reward if you are a winner. (Addons,points,cash)

We use OTC client so everything is possible to create but I want to maintain the oldschool feeling and I do not want to add stuff like mounts,prey etc.
Oldschool damage
All keys are working
Quest working like real 8.0 (Pre-missions banuta etc)
"Instant buy" bp mfs/runes
Life rings will be available to be bought from mana npc
Experience share system of 10/15/20/40 to approach a more team friendly server for players who would like to play this way.
New isles with new spawns mid level and high level oriented.
Fly through carpets with PZ
Client sided task manager is being constructed.
Autoloot(??) - could be added but I do not know if its apperciated? I see it more as a fight against known bots like Rifbot etc.
Soul system for runes to make it harder to macro farm.

What more would you like to see?
I am thinking of opening it as a BETA highrated server soon enough to get players to check around and the quality of life being ran through to see if theres something that needs to be adjusted.

In search of a graphic designer to create some client backgrounds & logos -- service will be paid ofc.
We are currently going to add a mysteriando quest on the content which will give you Koshei's amulet which will absorb 4% of physical damage when worn.

NPCS,SIGNS will give you tips of where to maybe find it.
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If anyone has a cool layout laying around for tfs 1> you could send me a PM I can even pay you if you would like that.
Im pretty sure 99.9% of servers are lookalike since we're all starting from the same principle? (Tibia) if you didnt know :D

Hopefully this server has the edge with authenthic feeling & developers who care and really wants this project to show what we are up about.

I am happy to see you on the start of the server.

Also a question for the people

Would you like to have rook or do you want instant level 8.
A fellow OTlander gave me his htdocs which suprisingly worked perfectly fine with my files - I will secure everything before I let the site go live guys, but be prepared the BETA server is yet to come!
I would rather skip to main straight away, easier to try the vocation balance that way...
Yes I think as BETA we should skip to main directly.
I will come up with more information regarding the server pretty soon. Be prepared.
sounds like you downlaoded your server from here [8.0] [TFS 1.2] - Server Global Full [Real Map] (https://otland.net/threads/8-0-tfs-1-2-server-global-full-real-map.280265/) fix few thing add few sh%t and try to open something with old mechanics, not fun
"server has the edge with authenthic feeling & developers who care and really wants this project to show what we are up about." --LOL
Sounds like you are so negative minded that you think people are like you (Check in the thread who has replies asking about fixes rather then trying to fix it yourself).
Also show me a gif where you find this on that download Gyazo Screen Video (https://gyazo.com/e4f7efb49b0f1700fe6b88893139f595)

Only one who dear to question the Myserious holes around the content of Nikera might find this place.

Custom island which is free for all to access focused on Ice Monsters

Revamped existing area on the content of Nikera

There are custom places like prison,walls etc - they are for you to find :)

The server contains all keys you can ever think of existed on 8.0
All quest works as intended on Real Tibia - Tho some may be shortened
Inqusition is added and you need to walk on atleast one throne in PoI to get you started with Inq.

The BETA launch will be highrated so that you can go through everything fast and point out/find any occuring bugs which I cannot find since we are three people working on this we can not replicate 100 players exploring.

Bark up your questions and maybe even if you want something to be added on the server write that aswell.
I will never add prey,mounts or something in this taste.
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All svargrond island exists
Inside svargrond deeper mines exist with properly working elevator.
Added guild wars to work properly thus managed through the website

Made sure exp share works like it should

Also added so that up to four party members can share task kills.
Fixed so that GFBs,AVAs,UEs are -60/40% damage if the screen is filled with more then 4 players.

Website information will come out soon there are some tweakins to be done and then we are ready for you to come by.
Client is done and if there is some work to do be sure to tell us and we will try our best to fix it.

The BETA launch is near.
  • A few testers pointed out a few motion issues which we seem to have corrected now
  • Corrected NPC behavior on IDLE and monologues
  • Corrected a few rune NPCs to work correctly by "instant" command
  • Corrected so that you were able to travel to Svargrond from Darashia carpet, a typo issue caused this
  • Knights damage re-balanced from our eyes (Now we need your opinions on it)
  • Added Guild War statistic page to the website.

    Without burning condition

    With burning condition

    Website is still being corrected to work correct with the corresponding files so be aware it'll come up soon within a thread advertisement for BETA LAUNCH
  • Corrected all decay time on mobs were left out on 1800s instead of 300
  • HoTA was added with the same lore as per usual.
  • Corrected spell rune names from 'a spell rune' to their correct name.
  • Revamped thais temple to a more warm and welcoming place rather then a mess with blackboards for the global events(Which has been changed to teleports with darts showing that this one is active while the globalevent is active)
  • Added two deeper banuta levels (Don't know if you want me to let it be here or not - players decide later on if its needed but its here)
  • Corrected a few miss spellings on a few quest items.
  • You can now gain nightmare addon/pirate addon - nightmare shield by the global events by collecting the amount the NPCs on +1 thais temple request.
  • Added a few tasks with points / addon / item reward
Proper NPC behavior
Hi all another small update - Ive added a few new outfits onto the game heres a sneak peak of what they could look like :D
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  • Corrected a few value issues regarding the client and the skill module
  • Worked on monster behavior so it replicates the CIP movement patterns/motions
  • Added a few new outfits onto the game which you will be able to buy aswell as find them through a wrong clicked click somewhere on the contents of Nikera
  • Will start to work on a more complex task system
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