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Programmer Adding RPG Systems to 0.4


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Dec 22, 2008
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Canada, Eh?
Looking for a programmer that is willing to spend some time making a Magic Find / Magic Loot + Enchanting System that is similar to this Magical Item System. I am looking to have it built for 0.4/3777 (fir3element's source). I currently use Cikotitans Random Item Stat Mod, but would like to take it to the next level with something like what is shown in the link above.

Main Features:
  • Magic Find Chance (allows players to have a different chance to find a magical item)
  • Magic Find Increase Item (allows players to increase Magic Find % up to 50%)
  • Orb of Enchantment (allows player to create a magic item by using item with weapon/armor)

Example: Click Here

I'm currently offering $50 USD for this through PayPal.
I am available through PM and Discord, message me for more information!

(I have more features that I would like to work on, but this is the first one to complete. Once the Magic Item system is complete, this post will be updated to reflect the next feature needed.)

~ Current Job [Magic Find System] being handled by @Ricarpe ~
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