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Andreew's showoff

@Cwiras Cheers mate! đŸ»
Love that water tbh but yeah looks good! Mushrooms give it a real cavey atmosphere.
@Awesomedudei thanks man, glad you liked it.
@scheisse It might come, it might not xD glad you liked it anyway!
@Magnetico You are amazing my friend.


Just made something quick to see how it turned out, it can be a cool hunting ground but there is still room for improvements but i wanted to share it anyway :)
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@scheisse, Thanks man! glad you liked it. more will come eventually :)
@dami1310, Thanks dude! :)
@eiserne festung, dude i actually have the same problem! cant find any roofs that i like but this one fits the color palette that i wanted to have the most so it kind of works out if you dont look at them too much ;) thanks for the comment and feedback tho mate!
@Knightware, its comming ;) slow and steady haha.

woah, this looks great bro!! I love the way you made the bridges, really smart
Looks great, I love the details and how you're using it to put together such big items and really have a great fit with the whole map.