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Audiovisual Practice with LUMIX FZ70 and GH4 with 28mm. and 16mm. lenses


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Dec 17, 2011
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Santiago - Chile
Hi ppl! Yesteday I did an skating video of people at park, wanted to share and ask for feed! I will really appreciate any opinion, here's the link to it

I have arround 200 videos of my own skating process and people skating, been practicing vert for two months after skating to university, job, and other places for almost two years. Learned on the process many stuff, like routes, good set-ups for skates, and a full set of how to begin to ride pool bowls without fear. Here's the learning process for audio (removed every voice from first seconds) Material Audiovisual LC Park II (prod. LUMIX DMC-FZ70) (https://www.behance.net/gallery/172314751/Material-Audiovisual-LC-Park-II-(prod-LUMIX-DMC-FZ70)

Dropped a second video, please support and if you like please subscribe!

This video is much longer and has some shots of Ollies, Flips and a little Vert Tutorial with subs. I'm attempting to do daily/weekly stuff so any feedback is very welcome! I have no knowledge of what i'm actually doing and any comment could be helpfull. Regards and thanks for watching ;)
Second cut for skating day reducing 58:00 minutes of camera to 15:00 ^^, enjoy guys!!

- Reduced camera time from 58:00 to 15:00 minutes
- Made cuts for every video with the proper speed and timing
- Added songs for every chapter of the video
- Desgined intro/outro based on #goskateboardingday logo
- Gamma correct (mostly to 2.6)
- Color correct and gradients as multiply layer to enhance ambient

Regards and thanks for watching!
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# Updated

Changed the video for a new one with better sound.
- Added dialogue leveler, limiter, and 3 / 4 band equalizers
- Manually balanced audio volume from all videos on the compilation
- Updated song to original The Pharcyde - Runnin' (prod. by J-Dilla)
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Changed camera to Gh4 + Rokinon 16 mm. Hope I can film some skating videos with this one, here's a camera test at Parque Metropolitano
Another one with lumix GH4 and rokinon 16mm recorded on September 2023, just finished it ^^ (had it on stand by till' i had some time to edit it)