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Buy object builder working with 10.00+ and 11.00+ versions

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Mar 9, 2009
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Chile, Santiago
Shared, please


Hey i am just looking out for me instead of always looking out for everyone else doing things for almost nothing or for free & because i did not consider my needs over others is one of the reasons i eventually became homeless.

Almost everything in life has a cost, you can not practically expect to keep getting things for free or next to nothing and profit from other people's work or general good nature. Eventually the bubble bursts!

Ok, so here is it for free https://otland.net/threads/object-b...working-with-10-97-remeres-map-editor.258901/

Hope you get 5k USD from another place ;)

Just because someone created something and released the sources to it does not require me nor anyone to update that creation for free or at a wage which is less then the value of a person's self worth.

It's no different than someone asking for money to script, alter the sources of the framework or even create sprites.

If I have to pay someone an exorbitant amount of money for artwork, sprites or other assets then if you would like to retain my services you will have to pay me on my terms. That is just how the world works.

And here is for free too https://otland.net/threads/object-b...working-with-10-97-remeres-map-editor.258901/

We will share it for 3.000 usd because of what bayview says
dude be real wtf... thats why you always get banned...
You can contact us. Price is real btw.

And now for free https://otland.net/threads/object-b...working-with-10-97-remeres-map-editor.258901/

Having a high value of self worth is a banable offense? Wow! That statement says a whole lot about your self esteem :(

Dude, really? Get a lifeeeeeee!

I agree with you, friend, the work, creativity and the time worth money.

And so, here is for free https://otland.net/threads/object-b...working-with-10-97-remeres-map-editor.258901/

not 5k for a few modifications boi be real

Lets give for free https://otland.net/threads/object-b...working-with-10-97-remeres-map-editor.258901/

Object Builder which you using have sprite optimizer feature?

Not sure, take a look here https://otland.net/threads/object-b...working-with-10-97-remeres-map-editor.258901/ ;)
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