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[Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

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Thanks for keeping this up!!
I just started playing again due to the quarantine, if anybody is still active shoot me a message on: Boywhoissad!
Or if anybody doesn't play anymore and has some leftover gear, hmu ;)
BUMP - could use some more active players
come grind during quarantine boys
Agreeing to a reset and a new Era, for two reasons- the upkeep of the server is not free, and a new beggining means new players, new donations.
The second reason is that the community has died, we need a new start with new players.
server could work like path of exile leagues its pretty decent ot with one update per season (which could add new voc for example as xagul is a beast in term of adding them lmao) theres a lot of ppl willing to play so and should be worth xagul time

as hardcore grinding player i found this server really interesting there was enough content for almost month grinding like madman in duo and that wasnt exhausting like regular tibia quite surprised xagul didnt launch it during corona he could hit over 400 unique players without that much effort
I agree, the pandemic is a great time to play a server like this. Leagues is a cool idea just to mix stuff up each wipe.
I doubt that any reset will happen since owners have not been online since last year xD
Basically free money resetting, don't even have to make any update.

First month is by far the most funny anyway and people will donate
Like I said in Archlight and Black talon threads, projects like these are dead! We miss something not abandoned by its own creators!
Unmotivated owners. This server could be populated 24/7 generating donations with seasonal wipes and new content here and there.
I just create character now. I like that this ot is Unique. Little bit laggy and little people but A lot features I never see before. :)