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OTLanders, Pearl Event approaching!


More info can be found here: Pearl Event (https://forum.saiyansreturn.com/index.php?/topic/982-pearl-event/#comment-4865)
Dear OTLanders!

Gero Lab Event

Get ready for a thrilling adventure as Dr. Gero has unleashed new androids that you must face! Join forces with other players as you navigate through the laboratory, fighting your way through hordes of androids to reach the final room where the mad scientist awaits. But beware, as your opponents are also racing against the clock to reach the end!


Daily PvP Points limit
Along with the new event, we had to limit the gain of daily PvP Points. From now on, only the first FOUR events will grant PvP points. For example, if player loses his first 4 events, and then he wins 5 he will NOT get any points, because the first four events he participated were lost. And now you can say, that it will be pointless to take part in more than 4 events, but to encourage players to participate in more events we added a special chest. From the 5th event player joins, he will receive additional chest with experience and zeni if he is on the winning side.
Obviously, the rules of the Gero Lab Event are the same as on Team Fight Event. If player stays afk or intentionally gives frags to the enemy team, he will be banned from participating both events. In addition, the rules violating records will reset after 30 days of last penalty received.
What's more, we replaced monthly PvP Points with Seasonal PvP points. The season will last for 3 months and the current one will finish on Global Save on 1st of July.

New Dungeon
A new UG256 spaceship has landed on Earth. Agent J is calling all brave individuals who want to help in the investigation of the new technology possessed by the arriving aliens!


Clan Bosses
Capsule Corporation has located the unusual and extremely strong bosses of Balogs, Oozarus, and Undead Soldiers. Clans that dare to face them must be very careful. Savager is such a rare boss that can only be fought once a week. From bosses, you can get insanely rare loot that has never been seen before!


More capsules
We know how annoying can be the travelling to another city or village in a long distance. We reported it directly to CC, and they decided to immediately place more capsules on Earth. But nothing is free, isn't it? Unfortunately, they added small fees for using capsules for players with level 150 or higher - the amount scales with level.


Patch note:
  • updated the Anti Cheat System,
  • added new dungeon UG256,
  • added Gero Lab. Event,
  • added daily PvP points gain limit (only first four events you participate can grant points now),
  • added additional reward (zeni and experience) for winning 5th and next events a day,
  • from now on, the PvP season will last 3 months instead of 1,
  • added Tenshinhan Saga,
  • added 2 new daily and 1 weekly clan bosses,
  • added Emerald Treasure Chest (obtainable from Rotten Treasure Chest),
  • added Emerald Treasure Key - it can be crafted by NPC Bulma,
  • increased the amount of excavation on the map by more than twice,
  • added new special ability to Android Set - Viridian Shield: "When you activate this ability, you'll Selfexplode, causing damage to nearby enemies and trigger Viridian Shield which will block next 10 attacks. Additionally, you’ve built-in 8% Damage Reduction”,
  • added a window with possible loot before opening the loot boxes (chests, pearls, event rewards, etc),
  • added new capsules in every city and village on Regular Earth,
  • added a fee for using the capsule for players with level 150+ (amount of fee scales with player's level),
  • added a new currency to game - Gold Bar, which is worth 1kk (credits to BASTIAN#1311),
  • increased the Focus granted from Dhementor Mantle from 10 to 20,
  • added a tutorial message for Global Channel after logging in to game,
  • from now on, monsters will be teleported back to their original spawn after being lured away (it's been already in game for a while),
  • changed the level requirement for Light Belt from 60 to 40 (credits to Raffa Moreira#0365),
  • changed the level requirement for Crystal Necklace from 50 to 120 and from now on, it grants 500 HP,
  • added logs to Mailbox system,
  • optimized camera system; from now on, the entering and quitting the streams should be faster,
  • improved game logins; from now on the login time should be much shorter,
  • from now on, after unannounced server downtime, the players will be able to re-enter the dungeon if they were inside while the crash happened (credits to Johnn#4379),
  • from now on, Future Orbs from Daily Drones at NPC Emradel will go to Mailbox if player does not have enough capacity,
  • removed summons of Androids C17 and C18,
  • added shortcut between rooms in the middle of the hunting areas of C17 & C18 Prototypes (Future Earth included; credits to Clrack#9736),
  • changed level requirement for Newcomer Event from 1 to 3,
  • removed the information about Strange Monster in tablet,
  • added info about the loot from Clan Boss after clicking its icon in Clan window,
  • from now on, after clicking on icon with item in Clan Boss window, it will redirect player to Rotspedia with this item,
  • added logs with loot after killing Clan Bosses (credits to Tryharder#8278),
  • added logs with loot from excavation (credits to Skyflare#8110),
  • removed the level requirement for Grim Feather
  • added hotkeys for lock/unlock the item on Shift + RMB (credits to Johnn#4379),
  • added info about hotkeys on items' tooltips (credits to Johnn#4379),
  • changed the visual effect of Ki Wall, so it's more visible (it's been already in game for a while; credits to Netto#9100),
  • added Team Channel which will be automatically opened after joining/creating the team,
  • updated Curse Diamond prices in Premium Shop,
  • optimized Server Save.

Balance Changes

Upgrade: changed its type to attacking, so now Bulma can Jump into her robot during healing,

Air Strike: It deals 30% more damage to monsters which haven’t been damaged by other players. (credits to Nehkrun#8091 and Johnn#4379)

Will of Fight: When fully stacked, it grants you and nearby teammates a 30% Tenacity bonus.

Magic Materialization: It deals 30% more damage to monsters which haven’t been damaged by other players. (credits to Nehkrun#8091 and Johnn#4379)

Chocolate Beam: From now on, the technique will deal damage.

Full Control: duration decreased from 5s → 4.5s

Super Explosive Wave: invisibility duration in PvP increased from 0.5s → 0.8s

Bug fixes:
  • fixed an issue, where Suke San (Saga) was constantly invisible,
  • fixed a bug, where sometimes Exp Boost did not regenerate properly on Bulma after changing into another class using Medical Machine,
  • fixed an issue, where players sometimes lost their PvP points after leaving the clan,
  • fixed a bug, where Commander could "unstun" the Biotic Pudge 3.0 on dungeon UG128,
  • fixed a bug, where players could have halo on Earth,
  • fixed an issue, where it was possible to close Global Channel,
  • fixed a bug with Training Dummies, where the damage dealt was not showing up,
  • fixed a bug, where players lost their Twitch Rewards after claiming them just before the Events in game,
  • fixed some visual bugs in tablet,
  • fixed an issue, where it was not possible to use pick on the tile blocked by Kinto's shadow,
  • fixed issues with Telekinesis and immune, where cured player couldn't use any techniques.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.
Hello OTLanders!

Along with last patch, CC Lab begins intensive research on various creatures inhabiting the world of Return of the Saiyans. We encourage all brave players, as well as entire clans, to assist in this research. Those who contribute the most will receive wonderful rewards.

Beowulf is calling! Every player with access to the laboratories of the mad Dr. Gero can help to stop the Androids and save the Earth from destruction! Everyone who complete the missions will be generously rewarded.

Patch note:
  • added Daily Monster Task in CC Lab,
  • added Android Task at NPC Beowulf,
  • added Strange Crystal Shop and Fire Opal Shop at NPC Lab. Warehouseman along with brand new, unique items and modified the UI of his shop,
  • added Emerald Treasure Chest to Dr Brief's shop,
  • added Experience Crystals to Clan Bosses and excavations loot,
  • added Gold Bar to excavation loot,
  • from now on, completing the missions from Emradel/Kami during Cell Games will grant Experience Crystals,
  • from now on, digging an excavation will give twice less Fire Opals,
  • from now on, using the Shield of Blessing (premium shop) will return experience lost from the latest death,
  • added Emerald Treasure Chest to loot for winning Daily Monster Task on Future Earth,
  • removed some mountains on South West, so free account players can get to Hidden Kiri Respawn - Zeni Exchanger Quest (credits to @Gorila),
  • from now on, NPC Warehouseman's will also buy the following items: skill implant, haunted ghost, zombie brain, zombie arm, slaughter cleaver, wraith mantle, ghoul arm, zombie eye, broken shovel, zombie leg (credits to @P8M),
  • from now on, the amount of Boss Points (3-9) earned during Boss Event will be based on player's progression in CC Lab; previously it was 1 Boss Point for everyone,
  • increased the amount of Strange Crystals dropped from Strange Bosses,
  • increased the price of Robotic Island Pass from 1 to 3 Strange Crystals.

Balance Changes:
- fury: from now on, it works on melee attacks back again.

Bug fixes:
  • changed the name from ghoul eye into zombie eye on market and at NPC Xorel,
  • fixed the name of Dragon Earring 3 into Dragon Earring +3 on market,
  • fixed a visual bug, where food cooldown was not visible on Infernal and Helish Mushrooms,
  • fixed an issue with excavations, where sometimes they spawned on other floor than +0,
  • fixed an issue with excavations, where sometimes it was not possible to dig them,
  • fixed an issue, where the double confirmation did not pop up while selling items like Cyber or Bio in shops,
  • fixed some map bugs on Gero Lab Event, where sometimes players were stuck.

In addition, as we mentioned few days ago we increase the Premium Gem prices by 20%. New prices apply from now.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.
Summer and the holiday season have begun, and we want to make this time a bit more enjoyable for you. That's why every weekend until the end of August will host an Event in standard rotation. We'll kick off with Chest Event!
Hello OTLanders!

The portals of the mighty and powerful Demon Janemba will be an integral part of Future Earth, but the exact timing of their openings and some more details will be revealed by Future Uranai Baba herself. Remember that any assistance will be valuable, and for your first encounter with one of the portals, you will be rewarded!


Along with the new event on Future Earth, some changes are coming to the open PvP system. We have always believed that rewarding players is better than punishing them, because death and lose in battle are punishment big enough. From now on, when players die in PvP on Future Earth, they will not lose experience, and their killers, if they have the same level or lower, will be rewarded with experience crystal. You will receive crystals for every player as long as both you and your victim are fully charged with Future Energy. It is worth to mention that you can only gain experience from the same player once per global save. The killed player will also receive a 120-seconds ban from entering Future Earth and will go to Heaven after dying. It will be no longer possible to resurrect the killed player. The ban exception is for the people killed by a player with a level 30% higher than theirs. We have also adjusted the loss of Future Energy; now, the victim will lose 100% of their maximum energy, and the aggressor will receive 50% of the orbs from the lost energy, all under the fair play condition - the killer cannot have a level difference greater than 30% compared to the victim. Of course, we will be waiting for your comments and suggestions that can significantly impact the changes in the introduced system.

We are aware that you guys love Experience Crystals and as we announced before, we're bringing them back to mini actions! This time, we balanced it in a right way:

From -35 to 0 level difference: 1 experience crystal
1 to 44 level difference: 2 experience crystals (if the fissure is attacked by more than one player, each of them will receive one crystal)
45 to 100 level difference: 3 experience crystals (if the fissure is attacked by more than one player, each of them will receive two crystals)
101+: 4 experience crystals (if the fissure is attacked by more than one player, each of them will receive three crystals)

From -35 to 0 level difference: 1 experience crystal
-14 to 10 level difference: 2 experience crystals
11 to 100 level difference: 3 experience crystals
101+: 4 experience crystals

-35 to -25 level difference: 1 experience crystal
-24 to -15 level difference: 2 experience crystals
-14 to -5 level difference: 3 experience crystals
-4 to 10 level difference: 4 experience crystals
11+ level difference: 5 experience crystals

Keep in mind, that from one mini action only 4 players will receive exp crystals depending on damage dealt.

Recently, we've been receiving a lot of complaints regarding team balance during PvP Events. We decided to fix it a bit and now, the teams will contain maximum 6 players (previously it was 8) and the players will be matched better than before. In addition, the new matchmaking algorithm will base on characters, not classes, so hopefully there won't be matches 2 Gokus vs 2 Vegetas or 2 Buus vs 2 Piccolos. Unfortunately, with such changes, more players may be rejected during sign ups, but every such player will be fully compensated with PvP points and chests. What's more, after today's update many more chests will be guaranteed from Gero Lab Event.

Patch note:
  • added Super Janemba Event, which will take place every 2 days at random hours,
  • added a home assistant NPC to Premium Shop, who you can trade with,
  • from now on, players will be invulnerable for 2s during Server Save,
  • from now on, the maximum difference between levels to get exp shared will be 70% (now it's 30%),
  • increased the duration of Ki Wall Capsule from 5s to 15s,
  • changed Ki Wall Capsule graphics,
  • increased the cast range of Ki Wall and Ki Wall Capsule,
  • added Amethyst, Emerald Pearl and Amethyst Treasure Chest to game,
  • seperated resp of Shamosaurus and Gobisaurus on the Penguin Village,
  • significantly improved the algorithm for PvP Events,
  • from now on, the maximum number of players in one Team on PvP Events will be 6,
  • significantly increased the number of reward chests on Gero Lab Event,
  • reduced HP of monsters on Gero Lab Event,
  • from now on, Gohan and Dende will always have their ki barriers activated on PvP Events,
  • from now on, if we use the boat on Future Earth while being on Kinto, it will be automatically dismissed,
  • from now on, using Ki Wall Capsule/Cumulated Ki will give the same PZ Lock as in PvE (30 sec),
  • added Experience Crystals as rewards from Monster Zone Event,
  • from now on, the following NPCs: Uranai Baba, Mister Popo, Kami, King Kai and Grand Elder will take money from our bank for their services if we don't have cash with us,
  • from now on, players will receive exp crystals for killing another players with same or higher levels,
  • from now on, player will not lose experience after dying in PvP on Future Earth,
  • from now on, after dying in PvP on Future Earth, player will be teleported to Heaven and he won't be able to enter Future Earth for next 120 seconds,
  • from now on, after dying in PvP on Future Earth, player will lose 100% of his orbs and 75% of this amount will be dropped on the ground,
  • from now on, after killing someone on Future players will receive 5 minutes PZ Lock instead of 15,
  • changed price of Crystal Necklace from 5k to 40k, so it matches rest of Crystal Jewellery,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to move barrels other than explosive ones on Dungeon,
  • added back experience crystals to Mini Actions,
  • from now on, it is possible to stack Experience Crystals,
  • added mini boss for Royal Balog and Future Susha,
  • modified the following monsters' techniques: Nature Rain (Savager), Fire Assault (Dark Lord) and Spark Rain (Biotic Spark 3.0); from now on the missiles will explode on random spots but players will have more time to react so it will be easier to dodge them,
  • from now on Fiery Heart, Enchanted Sapphire Horn and Savager Tail will work in PvP; adjusted their description.

Balance Changes:

Finger Beam: reduced cast range from 8 to 6 sqm,

Full Controll: reduced movement speed from 80% to 40%,

Gekiretsu Madan: increased range from 5 to 6 sqm,
Super Explosive Wave: increased duration of invisible in PVP from 0.8s to 1s,
Tenma Defense: increased barrier from 12% to 14%.

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed an issue, where players received 3 boss points instead of 9 points for killing boss during Boss Event,
  • fixed an issue, where Bulma was not able to use Ki Wall Capsule,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes it didn't show the full list of loot after killing a Clan Boss,
  • fixed a bug, which caused the last Server Crash,
  • fixed a visual bug, where sometimes players have seen blessings from Regular Earth while being on Future Earth,
  • fixed a bug, where it was possible to resurrect players after they died in PvP on Future,
  • fixed a bug, where players received dmg while being on Kinto left some blood behind and it was not possible to walk through door,
  • fixed an issue that prevented players from opening Clan Window if there was ";" written in the Clan's description,
  • fixed an issue, where it was possible to get on Kinto while being underground or in caves,
  • fixed an issue, where it was possible to cast techniques through Ki Wall Capsule,
  • from now on, the stairs on Kiri respawn and their future version lead to the right spot,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes players did not receive rewards if they were not teleported to PvP Event.

P.s Passive/Active effect of Janemba's Set will be added in a short future, as it requires so more work, because we want to make it very special and unique.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.
Dear players, we know how much you are looking forward to the next update and some changes. That's why, we would like to announce a public Test Server, which will take place on 2nd and 3rd of February 2024 from 20:00 to 22:00, and on 4th of February between 18:00 and 00:00. All the times are in CET time zone. We would be extremely grateful if you could help us improve the update by reporting the bugs or providing some suggestions for the incoming changes. All information about the updates can be found in the news below. Please also consider that the list of changes may be subject to modification, as the update is expected to be released not sooner than in February after fixing all the bugs reported by you.

Skirmish Grounds​

Skirmish Grounds are arenas where players can assemble their own teams, choose bonuses for items, bring their own Trinkets, and face robots generated by AI at any time. Dr. Briefs in collaboration with Dr. Flappe has prepared PvP and PvE gameplay. Players can choose the modes they want to participate in, but the PvP format will guarantee a 25% bonus to experience and loot. If player dies on the arena in any way, he will lose his bonuses on items, but they can be repurchased at the entrance for a cost of 200k for one Tier 5 bonus which will be applied on every item. Each item can have maximum 3 bonuses, and in the case of PvP death, our killer inherits 80% of the spent amount. If AI cannot find opponents (players) for us, we will fight robots. From these robots, we will gain experience and loot. After defeating a certain number of monsters, a boss will await us. If the Skirmish Grounds system is positively received by our community, we plan to expand it to Clan battles (8v8) for some influence in West Capitol. This will include a percentage of revenue from all NPCs (including premium) in the city and Korin Tower.


Offensive Campaign​

Beowulf is launching a new offensive campaign against Androids. From now on, tasks can be completed for all types of Androids, and for each task, players will receive chests. These chests will have a chance (not guaranteed) to contain parts of one of the Android sets, depending on the task being completed. This also means that the current task for the C16 Prototype will no longer fully guarantee parts of the C16 set. After completing all the tasks, players will have the option to repeat them infinity. There will be 3 new sets and here are their passive and active effects:
C17 Set - Emerald Blaze
The Emerald Blaze grants its owner a radiant green aura, enveloping nearby enemies in emerald flames, dealing damage every second. After activation, the aura area is increased for 6 seconds, and the flames apply deadly emerald energy to enemies, dealing an additional 6% of their max health over 6 seconds. The active effect can affect the same target every 30 seconds.
C18 Set - Celestial Flow
Upon activation, Celestial Flow courses through the wearer's veins, enhancing them for 10 seconds. During that time, they receive 15% less damage, deal 15% more damage, and have infinite Ki. Additionally, wearing the set reduces the cost of techniques by 15% less ki, ensuring a sustained and formidable presence on the battlefield.
C19 Set - Solar Salvation
Upon activation, Solar Salvation is unleashed, and the wearer's armor radiates a dazzling yellow radiance, invoking the power of the sun. The wearer instantly fully restores their HP, Ki, and all cooldowns, including zanzokens. Additionally, while wearing this set, the wearer receives 15% less damage from all melee attacks, fortifying their resilience in close combat.
It's also worth to mention that after the next update, Androids will have their mini-boss.


We are aware that the Janemba Event is not as attractive as it should be due to the lack of a trinket and passive ability in the set. Therefore, in this update, the Super Janemba Set will receive a passive ability - Afterimage.
After activation, you move so quickly that you become invisible for enemies for 2 seconds and you leave an image of yourself behind to fool them. The set bonus also permanently grants an 8% Movement Speed increase.
Trinket - Super Janemba Horn:
After activation, you can teleport to an ally located up to 20sqm away. Upon reactivation within 3 seconds, you can return with the ally or alone to the location you came from. The ability works during PZ Lock. Cooldown: 10 minutes.


We are also aware of the issue with the first form of Janemba, which no one wants to attack. We are looking into this problem, and in the near future, we will do our best to improve this Event.

UG Space Ships​

Recently, we've been also working on small enhancements and improvements to the UG Space Ships and the UG store. After the update, you'll be able to purchase a Drone for UG Tokens, which will always scan all documents for you inside the dungeon, and a Detonator, which, after use, will turn all incubators into dust just after entering the dungeon - no more dragging barrels and manually detonating containers.
In addition, a difficulty level indicator has been added to the timer we see while walking through the ships. We noticed that solo players are far behind in gaining experience during UG dungeons comparing to teams, so we decided to increase the experience gain for solo players in dungeons. Additionally, a slight boost will be given to Duo parties too. But that's not all; a significant portion of players complained that it's not worth doing dungeons other than on easy difficulty. Therefore, each subsequent difficulty level will guarantee additional boss, for which we will now receive 10 UG Tokens.


Future Earth​

Clan Skirmish Equalizer is a system designed to help balance fights in terms of players' levels on Future Earth. Players who engage in battles at a disadvantage will receive a boost to damage reduction and a boost to damage dealt towards the enemy Clan. Unfortunately, this system is not capable of fully balancing encounters on Future Earth, as character power is influenced not only by levels but also by equipment. Achieving complete balance is challenging in an Open PvP setting due to the impact of gear on character strength.

Bonus System Changes​

In the past, there have been many suggestions regarding the ability to reroll bonuses and or to change them. Therefore, with the upcoming update, there will be an option for comfortable managing bonuses in our equipment. All available Bonus Reveal Gadgets in the game (v 1.3, v 1.4, and v 1.5) will be responsible for changing a bonus, for example, from CD Redu to DMG redu. However, the percentage will be preserved - changing the bonus will not affect its value.
To change the bonus value, we will need to use a brand new gadget (Bonus Reroll Gadget). We will be able to purchase it from Dr. Brief for a price of 5,000,000 Zeni. This one time use item will allow us to attempt to change the bonus value, but it is a risky action as we might end up with a worse roll than we had before. The rolled value will be completely random, so think twice before rolling.

Patch note:
  • added Skirmish Grounds system,
  • added new Android tasks to NPC Beowulf,
  • added a possibility to repeat the Android tasks,
  • added new Android Sets including passive and active effects,
  • added new passive ability to Super Janemba Set,
  • added Super Janemba Horn trinket with active effect,
  • added Scanning Drone and Detonator to UG shop,
  • added level difficulty display during UG dungeons,
  • increased experience gain for solo and duo players while doing UG dungeons,
  • from now on, difficulty levels for UG Space Ships will guarantee additional bosses,
  • from now on, defeating each additional boss during UG missions will guarantees 10 UG Tokens,
  • added Clan Skirmish Equalizer system to partially balance fights on Future Earth in terms of level and amount of players,
  • optimized some windows and backpacks positions save to prevent FPS drops during enlarging or minimizing them,
  • added an option to change bonuses in items using Bonus Reveal Gadgets (v 1.3, v 1.4 and v 1.5),
  • added Bonus Reroll Gadget to Dr Brief's shop which will allow to change the value of the bonus (one time use item).

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed Farmer Bobby Quest.
Hello OTLanders!
A new update has appeared!


Patch note:
  • added a premium bundle to the Premium Shop (30 days premium, 30 days puar, 30 days full sub to home assistant),
  • added Skirmish Grounds system,
  • added new Android tasks to NPC Beowulf,
  • added a possibility to repeat the Android tasks,
  • added new Android Sets including passive and active effects,
  • added new passive ability to Super Janemba Set,
  • added Super Janemba Horn trinket with active effect,
  • added Scanning Drone and Detonator to UG shop,
  • added level difficulty display during UG dungeons,
  • increased experience gain for solo and duo players while doing UG dungeons,
  • from now on, difficulty levels for UG Space Ships will guarantee additional bosses,
  • from now on, defeating each additional boss during UG missions will guarantees 10 UG Tokens,
  • added Clan Skirmish Equalizer system to partially balance fights on Future Earth in terms of level and amount of players,
  • optimized some windows and backpacks positions save to prevent FPS drops during enlarging or minimizing them,
  • added an option to change bonuses in items using Bonus Reveal Gadgets (v 1.3, v 1.4 and v 1.5),
  • added Bonus Reroll Gadget to Dr Brief's shop which will allow to change the value of the bonus (one time use item),
  • improved the Monkey Saga description in Quest Window,
  • added non ki wall zone for Clan and World Bosses,
  • improved non Shinryu Set items granted from Shenlong wish; from now on, they will have at least T5, T5, T4 bonuses,
  • added an option "Buy with backpack" at Premium NPC,
  • added Emerald Pearl as a loot chance from Grim Essence,
  • increased Movement Speed granted by Stone of Haste trinket from 25 to 30,
  • from now on, digging excavation will have a chance to give 2-3 exp crystals (previously it was 1-3),
  • increased the amount of bronze, silver, golden, platinum treasure keys while digging excavations,
  • from now on, it won't be possible to use the 'follow' option with PZ Lock,
  • increased the number of Fallen Angels on mountains in Hell and Future Hell,
  • added new hunting areas with Zauropeltas and Gastonias in the Papaya Island undergrounds on Future and Regular Earth,
  • separated hunting grounds for Oozaru (South Capitol) and Armored Oozaru (Jungle),
  • added NPC avater to home assistant.

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed Farmer Bobby Quest.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.
Dear players,

In honor of Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball manga, we have created an event in his name. The event is unusual, it will be recurring and will grant you the following:
  • 20% more experience after killing regular monsters/single species,
  • a chance to encounter the Soul of Shenlong,
  • a chance to obtain treasure chests (Chest Event) from monsters,
  • mini-actions (with a focus on Bosses) will be triggered more often (Boss Event). Obviously players will receive boss points after defeating them .


The first event will take place this weekend. Happy hunting!

Lv. 1-29 Monsters
Bronze Chest

Lv. 30 - 89 Monsters
Bronze Chest
Silver Chest

Lv. 90-149 Monsters
Silver Chest
Golden Chest

Lv. 150-400 Monsters
Golden Chest
Platinum Chest

Lv. 401+ Monsters
Platinum Chest
Diamond Chest
Emerald Treasure Chest
Amethyst Treasure Chest

Along with today's update, we're adding a Golden Bonus Booster. It will allow you to boost your bonuses from Tier 3 to Tier 4 and from Tier 4 to Tier 5. The goal is to make more items quite useful. After adding set items (like cyber, diamond core, bio, etc) many players have complained that they received crap items from e.g. Dungeons or Robotic Island and all they can do is to sell them to NPC. We believe Golden Bonus Booster will fix the issue a bit. Please keep in mind, that we cannot make every item great and useful and some of them will still need to be sold to NPCs. The booster can be obtained from ALL 401+ level monsters, but the higher level of the monster, the bigger upgrade chance the item has. Of course, these are extremely rare, so upgrading will be still a challenge.

Patch note:

  • added Toriyama Event to the Events pool,
  • added Hyperbolic Time Chamber tickets to the Premium Shop,
  • added Golden Bonus Booster,
  • from now on, after using Advanced Bonus Gadget (Dr Brief) twice, the player will be able to choose a bonus instead of receiving a random one,
  • adjusted price of Upgrade Gadget (Dr Brief) from 4kk and 4 exp coins to 3kk and 5 exp coins,
  • from now on, after using the Bonus Reveal Gadget item (v 1.5), player will be able to choose Melee Range bonus or change it to any other bonus with the lowest value,
  • from now on, Golden Shovel will increase the chances of digging Fire Opals and Experience Crystals (credits to @kylledz),
  • from now on, the notification about a PvP raid on Skirmish Grounds will no longer block character movement,
  • from now on, after declining a raid on Skirmish Grounds, the player will have a CD for another notification for 10 minutes, but during this time he will still be able to be raided,
  • doubled the HP of Android Arbiter on Skirmish Grounds,
  • increased the search time for raiding players on Skirmish Grounds; the notification will no longer pop up every few seconds,
  • disabled a possibility to raid a player who is fighting with a boss on Skirmish Grounds,
  • added price for all Android sets and chests,
  • added Android Sets to Amethyst Treasure Chest (credits to @brasilaco),
  • from now on, Amethyst Treasure Chest will grant only set items (credits to @nehkrun).

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a visual bug with transformation aura for 430+ levels, where it was not visible after TF/Gero Event,
  • fixed an issue, where UG32 and UG64 did not guarantee the 3 bosses on Extremely Hard difficulty,
  • fixed an issue, where player could enter dungeon after signing up for the event,
  • fixed an issue, where player was "removed" from Kinto after he was not teleported to event,
  • fixed an issue with Puar, where it did not pick up tokens on Skirmish Grounds with 2 people in team,
  • removed item placeholder which was located in the RR Soldiers base.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.
Wishing you an Easter filled with ki-tastic treats, Shenron-sized surprises, and Zenkai-boosted happiness OTLanders! Hope, it will be as Buutiful as Majin Buu's smile. May your hunts be legendary, your team unstoppable, and your victories as satisfying as a Final Flash!
That's right, Saiyans! Jayla, the Bunny arrived in West Capitol!


She offers a various items in her shop and a daily fight against Mad Bunny. Additionally, during the event, you will encounter explosive eggs while hunting and obtain Easter tokens from all the monsters. Jayla plans to stay in our world until April 8th.


Patch note:

  • enabled Easter Event,
  • added new mini actions to Easter Event - explosive eggs will appear during regular hunts,
  • added 2 new Kinto skins,
  • added missing Capsule marks on minimap.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed an issue where players were unable to sell items with 4 bonuses to the shop,
  • fixed an issue where dead players (being as soul) could use Senzu beans,
  • fixed an issue where players did not receive boss points for killing Android boss (Dr Gero) during the Boss Event.

Feel free to check the new, unique Easter offers in "special" tab in the Premium Shop!

Best Regards,
RotS Team.
How many ACTIVE players do u have during the day? is there any way to check this?
Well most servers spoof their numbers anyway so online count on website doesn't really mean much.
I had similar worries but they gone away the moment I was in depo and saw ppl constantly doing something. Community definitely is there. Market is also very alive from what i remember. Never had trouble buying or selling something.
It really doesn't take long to figure this out by yourself...
It takes 10 ppl in depot to make it feel like theres 100+ on the server so its a placebo anyway.
my recommendation for future servers hide player numbers humans are ugabuga and will not even give a try for a server that they might like cause number low o_O
Dear OTLanders, Summer Update is live!

Recently, we've been receiving many reports about the situation on Future Earth, where "neutral" players are unable to complete missions, tasks or hunts. Power Abusing is an issue which we do not need to describe or explain, but we must create an environment where everyone can find a place for themselves, even on Future Earth, during the chosen time window. From now on, if the killer's level is 30% higher than the victim's, protection will be applied, preventing the victim from suffering any losses and teleporting him to the base. It is only applied if the victim was not flamed. We believe that top level players should not benefit from killing low level players. Another problem is the ease of monitoring who enters Future Earth by standing in the base. That's why, from the next update, players will be able to choose a random landing spot. In addition, using the Time Machine Capsule, players can set up their Time Machine in any safe spot in the PZ on Regular Earth. The Capsule can be purchased in the premium shop or from the Lab. Warehouseman. Last but not least issue is the scoreboard, which makes it easy to track our enemies' actions. Therefore, we decided that refreshing the scoreboard every 30 minutes is a good solution, which will be implemented (the scoreboard will be refreshing live one hour before GS). The leading clan will need to be more vigilant directly at the spawn rather than in the base. These changes are just a milestone of what should be introduced to revive Future Earth. We are aware that not everyone will like these changes, but we also know that they are necessary for the game to develop better in a less toxic environment.


The Lab. Technician has recently developed a new technology, specifically a tool - pendrive - that removes the bonus information from an item but transfers the data to our tablet in the form of 5% of the bonus value. As a result, our character permanently knows how to fight against a given monster, dealing more damage and receiving less. In other words, you lose the bonus from the item but gain 5% of its value permanently on your character. It is worth noting that the maximum bonus on an item is 30%, while on the tablet it is 25%. After obtaining full information in the form of a 25% bonus on the tablet, you will receive an additional skill point that you can allocate to any selected regular monster.

Beowulf has changed the approach to his tasks, and from now on, every player will be able to complete repeatable tasks without finishing the tasks for the other androids. Moreover, he has adjusted the tasks and requirements: regular tasks will require defeating 50,000 androids, while repeatable tasks will require 100,000. Additionally, Beowulf is on a secret mission to discover Dr. Gero's new laboratory, where even more powerful versions of androids have been created. Everyone is so busy searching that they have not noticed that Metal Coolers have expanded their base near South Capitol and have managed to transform.


Professor Chiaki is tirelessly working on the development of Skirmish Grounds and has set fixed opening hours for the arenas (CEST):

13:20 to 14:20
16:30 to 17:30
19:30 to 20:00
20:25 to 20:55
22:30 to 23:00
23:25 to 23:55
01:30 to 02:00
02:25 to 02:55
04:00 to 05:00
07:20 to 08:20
10:00 to 11:00

Additionally, players will always be informed before the arenas open. To encourage players to engage in PvP mode, Chiaki has increased the experience and loot boost from 10% to 15%. In PvP mode, players will also receive up to 25 PvP points and up to 25% of their opponent's earned experience upon defeating them. Obviously, the defeated players will lose the equivalent amount of the aggressor's reward. Therefore, a minimum of 500 PvP points is required to participate in a PvP mode.

Professor Chiaki also noticed that raids occur too seldom, so the frequency of player matching will be increased significantly. A completely new feature will be the Achievement System, which allows players to enhance their characters in PvE on Skirmish Grounds by defeating bosses, each granting 1 point to allocate.


Patch note:

  • added "The Power Awakens" quest (last transformation unlock),
  • added Daily Boss in Hunter Squad - Mystic Wolf (more to come),
  • added Wolf's Lucky Dagger trinket,
  • added the first profession: Archaeologist,
  • implemented the renovation system,
  • added the treasury room system, which can be encountered at 50 profession level during excavations,
  • from now on, players will no longer see the location of the person they are searching for or trying to teleport to when using Ki Sense or Shunkanido.
  • added a window for opening the Single Cell item.
  • from now on, if the attacker's level is 30% higher than the victim's, the victim will not lose blessings, orbs, or experience after dying on Future Earth (the change is intended to eliminate the Power Abusing and applies only to peaceful players),
  • from now on, the leaderboard for the Daily Cage event (RE & FE) will now refresh every 30 minutes and will refresh live one hour before the global save (thanks to @gabro.99),
  • added "Emerald Testers Tome" Kinto skin to the game,
  • renamed the Kinto skin "Tome of Discovery" to "Ruby Testers Tome",
  • added a new backpack, a skin for Puar, and a Kinto skin, available only during the Toriyama Event,
  • added cooldown display to active skills in the descriptions of all sets,
  • from now on, the Clan Skirmish Equalizer can provide a maximum of a 10% damage boost (previously 25%),
  • added the "Against the Monsters" quest,
  • added a new system related with the more/less bonuses,
  • added Afterimage Implant (additional stack of Zanzoken), Nano Implant (provides half of the level's stats - HP/Ki/Cap/Level power), Capability Implant (unlocks skill level cap by 1), and Level Unlocker (increases level cap by 5) to Dr. Brief's shop,
  • from now on, the Permissive Implant provides 75 cap instead of 50 (thanks to @komarenko.),
  • adjusted the number of all Beowulf tasks; now it requires defeating 50,000 Androids, and repeatable tasks require 100,000.
  • from now on players can complete repeatable tasks at Beowulf without completing other tasks first,
  • added the "Hidden Laboratories" quest,
  • added 4 new Androids along with new hunting grounds,
  • added the Android Heart trinket,
  • added 2 new versions of Metal Coolers along with new hunting grounds,
  • added the Cooler's Stone trinket,
  • adjusted the opening times of Skirmish Grounds to fixed times of day regardless of Global Save,
  • from now on, players will be notified every time before Skirmish Grounds opens,
  • added requirement to enter Skirmish Grounds in PvP mode - 500 PvP Points,
  • from now on players will lose PvP points and a portion of their accumulated experience upon death in Skirmish Grounds, and their attackers will gain these rewards,
  • added an achievement system to Skirmish Grounds,
  • from now on PvP raids on Skirmish Grounds will occur more frequently,
  • increased experience gain and loot in PvP mode on Skirmish Grounds from 10% to 15%,
  • added several safe spots on Androids hunting grounds, where players can stay safely,
  • shortened the first, second, and third rooms in CC Lab,
  • reduced the number of Zauropeltas and Gastonias to kill in the fourth room,
  • added a mailbox capsule to the premium shop for 10 gems (thanks to @bvng),
  • increased the cap for Fire Opals from 1000 to 3000,
  • added the option for random landing on Future Earth,
  • added the Time Machine Capsule (available in the premium shop and from the Lab. Warehouseman), which allows setting the Time Machine in any PZ location on Regular Earth,
  • added the Cursed Padlock trinket, which increases damage to mimic chests by 30% (thanks to @kylledz),
  • from now on, slaying Enraged monsters will grant Fire Opals 4 times more often (thanks to @kylledz),
  • from now on enraged monsters will now give a 150% experience bonus instead of 20%,
  • from now on the Vigorous Implant will provide 60 HP instead of 30 HP (thanks to @bvng),
  • added the Puar Name Changer to the premium shop (thanks to @kaminarihimawari),
  • removed owner's nickname in the Home Assistant's name,
  • added a small chance of receiving points for the Robotic Island shop by defeating regular robots (thanks to @fcio92),
  • increased HP of Biotic Spark 3.0 and its summons - Sparks,
  • removed a possibility to dig two excavations at the same time,
  • added the following items to the emerald treasure chest: Wolf's Lucky Dagger, Android Heart, Cooler's Stone, Cursed Padlock,
  • added options "Display other players hitpoints" and "Display other players healing", which allow us to hide DMG and Healing of other players.

Balance changes:
Full Control
  • duration reduced from 4s to 3.5s,
  • when Full Control is not active, Trunks now receives an additional 4% DMG Reduction damage from monsters that have not been hit by any other player.

Burning Attack
- damage will now be dealt over three turns instead of one cumulative hit.
The nerf to the duration of Full Control aims to reduce the character's still highly developed mobility. Additionally, during the passive phase of this technique, Trunks will receive DMG Reduction in PvE, which should slightly improve this character's performance in solo hunts. Analyzing recent battles and wars, we concluded that Trunks' dominant aspect is his combo, which should be significantly weaker after this update due to the nerf on Burning Attack – despite the retained DMG, it will be spread over time.

Tenma Defense
- while the technique is active, Gohan now receives 8% DMG Reduction in PvP and PvE (from monsters that have not been hit by any other player).
Gohan is a character that needs to get close to the enemy, putting his life at great risk. We hope that the boost he receives will make approaching less risky.

Ki Barrier
- while Ki Barrier is active, Dende now receives 7% DMG Reduction in PvP and 15% in PvE (from monsters that have not been hit by any other player).
Dende has the least amount of HP, and a moment of inattention can guarantee death. Therefore, we decided to increase the defensive capabilities of this support character.

Air Strike
- increased cooldown from 1.5s to 1.6s.
Bulma is a self-sufficient support character who lacks nothing. She outperforms Dende in survivability and solo hunting capabilities, which led us to slightly increase the cooldown of Air Strike.

Piccolo & Buu:
- reduced the healing from Regeneration technique by around 25%.
This change is due to the significant healing advantage over other classes, not just with the Regeneration technique, but also with senzu beans that restore HP by %. We hope this will balance hunting and slightly reduce the capabilities of both tanks.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug where you could duplicate hotkeys, e.g., setting three different techniques under the same hotkey,
  • fixed the Clan Skirmish Equalizer,
  • fixed an issue where Dende's flower could not be clicked during Skirmish Grounds,
  • fixed a bug where the player's avatar was incorrectly displayed on Skirmish Grounds,
  • fixed a bug where the number of monsters killed was incorrectly counted after an ally left the arena on Skirmish Grounds,
  • fixed a bug with the non-PvP zone on Oozaru, where players could fight on Regular Earth,
  • removed the regular Golden Oozaru that spawned on Future Earth,
  • fixed many map bugs,
  • fixed a bug where Savager targeted Bulma's drones,
  • fixed a bug where the player could lose the advanced bonus gadget while assigning a bonus,
  • corrected the name "exp coin" on the experience progress bar (previously "exp token"),
  • fixed a bug where PZ Lock disappeared faster than the tooltip indicated.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.