[Canada] Ranocia Realm (BETA Phase - Account will not be deleted)


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Aug 8, 2007
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Hello & welcome to RR!

First off, I'd like to say that the account will not be deleted at the end of the BETA phase. So you may be wondering what BETA is? I'll explain it below.

For RR beta is basically the time where players can come online and experience the server - before the official release date, it is also used to find bugs and get them fixed and it is at this time hosted on one of our not so good computer, although good enough for a good BETA phase. After the phase it will be transfered to the good host if we get a better one, and then it will start as a dedicated server. Also the BETA should be up 24/7, although it is not guaranteed there is a 95% chance of uptime.

That's the basic information about the beta, now on to the server details and how to connect.

Connection issues

IP Address: ranocia-realm.servegame.com
Port: 7171
Client: 8.0
Account creation: 1/1

In-game specifications

Experience rate: 6x
Skill rate: 13x
Magic rate: 7x
Loot rate: 3x
World type: PVP, no protection level.
House price: 300 gold pieces per square meter.
House count: 60 total, more to be added a few guildhalls also.

Map specifications

Size: 6,8MB
Details: Semi-well, randomized grass and lots of nature.
Cities/Towns: Umaski (Main city), Humrit, Riakun. Also one village: Kimry, and of course Rookgaard.
Rookgaard: Yeah, there is.

Server features:
  • Sword of fury quest if you wish to stay in rook until 50. Note: You can leave at level 8.
  • Completely custom map.
  • Challenging quests, with extremely hard monsters you'll need teams of 10!
  • Enough houses for 60 players.
  • Nice staff.
  • Black knight anni.
  • Hidden quests.
  • Map always being updated.

Also, the server has a few strict rules witch are enforced brutally.

- Botting or cheating of any type is not permitted. Including cavebotting, rune casting and other things that include programs.
- Using stupid or insulting names may result in a banishment.
- Swearing or making offensive statements count as a banishment.
- Abusing rights to use certain things can be crucial punishment.
- Bug abuse.
- Pretending to be a gamemaster or have influence on one.

All real tibia rules apply.

Of course, I'll list our staff team to enforce these rules.

  1. Head CM Athen (Just CM Athen), community manager.
  2. GM Silent Reaper (Gamemaster)

Hope to see you there!
Note: You may find our teaser here.



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Aug 8, 2007
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Yeah, we will probably get a better hoster soon :p