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Lua click to create teleport


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Aug 7, 2009
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hope someone can help me with this guys.

I'm looking for an actionID that creates a teleport on top of the clicked item.
this teleport will index on several available positions.

available positions are rooms that has no players on it or are in cooldown.

activating this room will generate a random monster in a specified location.
so teleport cord and boss cord are connected.

player will be teleported back once boss is dead or if time is out and that room will go on Cooldown.
if player dies the timer goes off.

only the teleport owner can access the room, also the main teleport will be destroyed once the player goes in. so more players can create their own tp.
if a teleport is active (player just generated) other players will need to wait until the player goes in. or wait 30 seconds so the portal disappears.

btw i do not use revscript but i can convert it tho.