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Eternal Odyssey | USA | CUSTOM | Open Beta 14.06

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Jun 21, 2016
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We are excited to announce the launch of the BETA version of Eternal Odyssey, and we're looking for testers! Earn an Exclusive "Bronze Pack" and Shape the Future of Eternal Odyssey!

Server Information
  • Website: Eternal Odyssey
  • Client: Custom 7.4
  • World Type: PvP
  • Map: Real Map + Custom
  • Inspired by: Classic Tibia & Diablo

Beta Participation​

Join our beta phase and help us improve the server! Your feedback is invaluable. All beta testers who complete a Google form after testing (estimated time to complete - 5’) will receive an exclusive "bronze pack" (more information soon) valued at around ~9$ once the final version is launched. Report bugs, share ideas, and discuss everything on our Discord Server. Follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks and updates!

Create your account NOW, download the client and see you in-game!
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change project name
people for sure will come
btw premium cost more than on tibiantis this time also
Really appreciate the fact that the rates are 10x, will definitely check out the server once the beta launcher on Friday.
Create your account NOW ← Links to the wrong address btw.
@Zyzz immortal
Thanks for the input! Just to clarify, the name is already changed to Eternal Odyssey to better reflect the game' environment and features. I hope you like the new name and design!
Regarding Premium costs, I conducted some brief research in here and at particular similar servers, and it usually ranges between 8 - 10 Euros. However, if you want to give us some feedback or open a discussion about it feel free to. Maybe Discord is a better place to have more fast interactions.
I really look forward to keep improving Eternal Odyssey even better with your help!

Yey! Also, maybe we will introduce a Testserver Assistant to give skills and magic so you don't have to even train (this is TBD yet and will be discussed in Discord).
Thanks for pointing out, I corrected all links now!
See you on Friday, I am very excited too! =)
is the dragon a boss you can kill from the picture you provided?
Hey @Nemphis thanks for the question!

The dragon in the image wasn't originally intended to be a boss you can fight, but your suggestion has inspired us. So, will be adding that dragon as Boss in the game. We love incorporating ideas from the community to make Eternal Odyssey even better.

Stay tunes for updates, and thanks again for the great idea!

Hope to see you today at 20:00 CET for the Open Beta.
in which way this is 7.4 its everything but 7.4 lol
It has manual aim runes and a lot of the old formulas, sorc deals physical damage, etc. but has the appearance newer tibia with better sprites and newer monsters.
in which way this is 7.4 its everything but 7.4 lol
Yeah surprised me too, I think we need a new rule on OTLand that people shouldn't be allowed to advertise servers like these as 7.4.
Looking at a server it should represent the client that you claim, not 'feel' like it.

If you want to use 8.6 sprites then claim it as a 8.6 server with '7.4 features' instead of calling it a '7.4'.
First thing most people think of when they hear 7.4 is old school sprites, old outfits etc. A genuine old school server.
Not this diablo warcraft3 age of empires runescape bs with spell levels and shit lol.

I would not play here considering it seems the opposite of a serious 7.4, more like a orshabumba with some old features and an overpriced premium account.
The story begins again :) For so long from the creation of QL to now, you Zyzz have a great database to create a great OTS. Fingers crossed! See ya in game ;)
Quick update on the fixes made so far:
  • Fixed Spears-equip -> Shield de-equip
  • Item rarity on quests like Svargrond arena should be given correctly (visual bug)
  • The summons of the player should deal damage normally to other creatures
  • Increased health/mana regeneration on vocations (will post in a while exact values in a thread on this update)
Elite Knight1/3s1/9s
Royal Paladin1/6s1/6s
Druid & Sorcerer1/12s1/4s
ED & MS1/12s1/2s
  • Life ring regen from 1mp/3s -> 8mp/6s
  • Ring of Healing from 1mp/1s -> 11mp/4s
  • "Exevo pan" spell is available for ALL vocations (including no-vocation)
  • Mana potions cost reduced from 100gp -> 80gp
  • Paradox Tower Quest fully working
  • Tasks XP rewards are adjusted to the rates of the Beta
  • Desert quest is now soloable, no items needed
  • Removed "coconut palm" and "palm" from all main deserts. Only "palm" will spawn randomly now at every server save.
  • Locked Doors (key) should be able to close normally now
  • Removed "Skinning knife" from Grizzly Adams, only way to obtain is via Crafting now
Quite a challenging weekend it was; nothing we could not handle!

@Cafumbre thanks for the feedback! Already changed the Post title to Custom only. As for Premium price, it will be adjusted down in the near future.
@Koziol88 Thank you for all the support my friend! We will create one of a kind OTS with Eternal Odyssey!
Week after beta release I would like to give an overall feedback and share my experience on Eternal Odyssey;

  • Skinning - Kudos for mechanics, works smoothly without an issues!
  • Monster rarity - Well balanced ratio hp:dmg (Hate insane monsters because I am a mage, but it's personal, nothing wrong with the way it works).
  • Economy - Boom! These creature products allows everyone little bit more take away from hunts - Combined with skinning, amount increase from every hunt :)
  • Spells level - Nice and short, Love it! It's a hard work to level them up, although is really rewarding.
  • Passives - an interesting feature that will certainly result in an increase in the character's level
  • Dungeons - Really well balanced in case of monsters. Glad it's not just a "go and kill" kind of type. Some of them really made me think to figure out how to complete them.
I haven't say anything about other features such as items rarity, gathering, crafting and more because I haven't had a chance to test it.

Overall experience is really exciting and looking forward for more!

With love,
LaLa Land ❤️
📢 Important Update for Eternal Odyssey! 📢

Hello, adventurers! We're excited to bring you a major update for Eternal Odyssey. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Overlords: 0.5% chance
  • Champions: 2.5% chance
  • Elites: 10% chance

  • PVP Activated: PVP is now active in all dungeons.
  • Entry Requirements Adjusted: Higher-level dungeons now require more keystones for entry.
  • Loot & Rarity Adjustment: Loot and rarity chances have been slightly adjusted based on monster class (Elite/Champion/etc.). Expect slightly more loot but with slightly less rarity than before.
  • Dynamic Monster Spawns: Normal monsters in dungeons will now randomly spawn at higher classes (similar to the normal map). The chances increase with dungeon difficulty. Only the boss will spawn 100% at the designated class for the selected difficulty. This is subject to change based on our observations and your feedback.
  • Boss Loots Update: Loots for the first 5 dungeon bosses have been adjusted. The rest are still in progress.

NEW QUESTLINE (Unlock Areas, Custom Monsters):
  • Mysterious Harps: Have you seen these "Harps" during your hunts? (attached image). Use them and see, listen, or follow... There are 3 working Harps on the map. That's your only hint for now. Can you unravel the mystery?

Bestiary Module:
  • Unlock Monster Info: Killing monsters listed in the Bestiary will unlock information about them, such as HP, XP, Speed, Resistances, and Loot. This will be especially helpful for the new custom monsters already included in the Bestiary.

Crafting System:
  • Realistic Crafts: All items have been carefully curated for the most realistic crafting experience.
  • Special Thanks: A big thank you to @dyziu1 for making this happen!

Rarity Tiers Re-work:
  • Tier I : Dropped by monsters up to 1999 max health points. (Was set to 5999)
  • Tier II : Dropped by monsters between 2000 - 5999 max health points. (Was set between 6000 - 19999 )
  • Tier III : Dropped by monsters between 6000 - 19999 max health points. (Was set between 20000 - 119999 )
  • Tier IV : Dropped by monsters between 20000 - 119999 max health points. (Was set between 120000 - 400000)
  • Tier V : Dropped by monsters with equal or more than 120000 max health points. (Was set equal or more than 400000)

Final thoughts:
  • Test and Explore: Dive into the game and explore these new features! Your feedback is crucial.
  • Share Your Thoughts: Please provide detailed feedback on any issues or suggestions you have. We’re eager to hear from you.
  • Join the Discussion: Engage with other players and share your experiences in this thread.
We might have missed something, but we don't want to keep you too long. Let's dive into all these features together! Before reporting or suggesting anything, please do extensive testing and double-check everything.

See you in the game! 🗡️🛡️✨

Happy adventuring!

Adding Custom Attributes to Monster Corpses in Eternal Odyssey​

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a solution I found for adding custom attributes to monster corpses in our Eternal Odyssey server. This makes the client recognize and display shaders on Elite+ monster corpses immediately.


When a monster dies, the corpse is placed on the tile before the onDropLoot(), onDeath(), and onKill() functions are called. Setting a custom attribute on the corpse in MonsterOnDropLoot(corpse) wasn't immediately recognized by the client. The effect only appeared after moving the corpse.


Here’s how to properly set custom attributes so the client recognizes them right away:

function Monster:onDropLoot(corpse)
    local corpseId = corpse:getId()
    local position = corpse:getPosition()

    corpse:remove()  -- Remove the existing corpse

    -- Create a new corpse with the same ID and position
    corpse = Game.createItem(corpseId, 1)
    corpse:setCustomAttribute("elite", true)

    -- Place the new corpse back on the tile

    -- REST OF THE CODE (Generate Loot, etc...)

How it should look in game:


  1. Store Corpse Info: Save the ID and position.
  2. Remove the Corpse: Remove the original corpse from the tile.
  3. Create a New Corpse: Create a new corpse with the same ID.
  4. Set Attribute: Add the custom attribute to the new corpse.
  5. Replace Corpse: Place the new corpse on the tile.
This workaround ensures the client immediately recognizes the custom attribute and applies the shader effect.

I hope this helps anyone facing similar issues!

Happy gaming,
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Introducing the "Reclaiming Shot" passive skill for paladins. This unique ability gives players a chance to recover the exact arrows and bolts used to slay their enemies, adding a touch of realism to your gameplay! If anyone is interested, I can share the code via private message.


Eternal Odyssey Update - July 12, 2024​

Hello, OTLanders!

We're excited to share the latest updates and improvements for our Open Tibia Server, Eternal Odyssey. Here's what's new in today's update:

🪓 New Feature: Right-Click Mining and Lumberjacking 🪓

  • As many of you have requested, you can now mine and lumberjack by simply right-clicking the tree or vein!
  • Note: This feature is exclusive to Premium members. Please test it out and report any bugs!

🛡️ Healing Formula Fixes 🛡️

  • We have fixed the Ultimate Healing (UH) and Intense Healing (IH) formulas. They now heal based on their rarity. Enjoy more effective healing!

👀 Stealth Detection for Elite+ Monsters 👀

  • Beware! Elite+ monsters can now detect you even if you're invisible. Stay alert and plan your battles wisely!

💍 Ring Regenerations Adjustments 💍

  • Life Ring: Regenerates 1 HP every 3 seconds and 2 MP every 3 seconds.
  • Ring of Healing: Regenerates 1 HP every 2 seconds and 4 MP every 2 seconds.

⛏️ Pickaxe Descriptions Added ⛏️

  • Now you can see which veins you can mine with each pickaxe. Check the descriptions for detailed information!

🧙 NPC and Monster Updates 🧙

  • NPC Gamon has been renamed to Ikeo for better clarity.
  • The custom monster Old Warlock has had its attacks boosted by approximately 15%. Prepare for tougher battles!

📊 New Commands and Features 📊

  • You can now check your frags by typing !frags. Keep track of your victories!

🛠️ Client Updates 🛠️

  • Shop: Added a "Search" feature for quicker and more convenient browsing.
  • Interface Improvements: Backpacks and mini-windows (skills, trainer, analyzer, etc.) will now appear exactly where they were when you logged out, on your next login.
Note: Both the client and data.zip have been updated. Please test these changes and confirm they work well!

We hope you enjoy the new features and enhancements. Your feedback is invaluable, so please let us know if you encounter any issues or have suggestions. Happy adventuring in Eternal Odyssey!

Don't miss out anything, Join Our Discord NOW!
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