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I didn't have an 8 hour rook journey, but it WAS a solid 3-4 lol.

I really like the server, and I really like the implementation of the systems.

I get the long term mindset for sure, as it's what I prefer, but having said that, it feels a little too slow for my taste. You are typically quite invested time wise before even being able to begin professions.

Edited to say: I think the server has mad potential. I would personally like to see just a slight exp bump across the board (or at least the first 20 levels)
It weird, because lot of people took 1-2 hours to get out of rook at day of start, when we had 60 players on rook. Now it should take around 3 hours, maybe little more if you like to wander.
Yes, there is 1x exp until level 8, but as soon as you get to the Mainland you can get subprofessions. With using only one subprofession you can achieve 20 lvl easily. But if you have real Tibia mindset that exp on monsters is only way to go then yes - it may be harsh.
It is strongly recommended to use systems that server has to offer :)
Also we have stage exp that is reversed - so you start at 1x and finish at 6x. So you don't skip all parts of the game and go straight to the endgame - there are log of things that you can explore and enjoy that you would miss if you had bigger rates.
8 lvl for me (the guy who never played nor read about this server) took about 2-3h? I didn't know about the mace quest so I will using the weapon from weak trolls. It was going pretty slow going trolls/badgers/spides/wolves since I was getting damaged heavily but once I found dwarf resp and got some leftover pieces of equipment in dead bodies it began to run smothly.

The things which are missing on rookgard in my opinion are information like:
  • you get mana from eating fruit/blueberies from trees
  • maybe some weak upgrade stones and description how to use it (usable only on rook items)

After rookgard people had to tell me about mining and where to find npc because it's the most efficent way to lvl up. I was getting 10k exp from mining while killing monsters for `100 exp each.
I am Rookstayer on rookgaard, so if anyone needs me they can write to Puppy or in Trollheim's discord. I think it took him so long because he over-focused on main town and rats.

Best way to SOLO escape from the rookgaard would be killing few rats and then selling their corpses to Tom (nothing unusual there I guess), buying few weapons and moving to the mountain on the south to starting town, there's few trolls etc. You can go to second town (teleported behind the mountain from the first town to the south) and use well to go down, there's bugs and other stuff (bring rope tho). There's wolf cave north east to the first town.

I believe that getting level 8 is reasonable within 2-4 hours timespan depending if you want some better gear or not.

We Rookstayers are usually provide people with some equipement if we see them on early levels just so they can go to main faster.

The rookgaard has it's place in teaching you about items, stats and damage you'll take on this server, and it can be a lot.

TL:DR Rookgaard is only hard and takes 8 hours if you don't explore anything and just sit under first town killing rats, otherwise there's plenty of places to get to level 8 fast.
I recommend playing, maybe the beginning is difficult, especially if you don't know about any quest in the rook, but the fountain that heals you helps a lot, but after leaving the rook, the fun begins. After hitting the 15th level and choosing your crafting profession, you can see how much the author tried and connected all 3 crafting professions. I personally chose alchemy because I wanted cheap potions, I slowly got to know the server and developed professions by eating various reagents xD and finally I could normally create large amounts of potions saving money. After this stage, the exp significantly accelerated :D now I started fishing and it's awesome :D while fishing you can catch various interesting things, from fish that can be filleted through rusty parts of equipment that an alchemist can clean up to treasure chests. The game is great for me, the map is quite cool, it's made of plywood with my own additions, there's a lot of work put into the server, all their interdependence systems mesh perfectly with each other.

  • absorbs terribly
  • constantly learning something new about game systems like the ability to catch a rat in a cage and use it as bait while fishing xD
  • nice map
  • super helpful community
  • you can do many activities, not just exp and exp
  • custom equipment
  • spell upgrade system
  • craft professions
  • hidden quest / bosses

  • the initial vocation balance is a bit unfair, but it evens out quickly
  • I miss large resps of specific mobs
  • sometimes I wish I had a wiki for this server :D

I totally recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of rpg and doesn't think only about exp and pvp

Small funy tips :D


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Hello Otlanders!​

It's been over a month from Official Launch and I would like to share some statistics with you!
Since 26th of May:
  • There are 1263 accounts registered on Trollheim
  • 131+ resolved bug reports
  • which gave you 11435 premium points total!
  • You got 15000 premium points in giveways
  • and 221 premium days
  • 35 days of my engine, client, map and webpage development
  • 233 files changed with 8034 insertions and 1251 deletions
  • 1 new client released! New client based on OTCv8 available to download at our discord.
I am really glad that so many of you decided to play on Trollheim despite so many servers available, realease of Diablo 4 or even hot summer time!

See you in game!
I've been playing Trollheim for a week aprox. (Maybe less) and it's by far the most fun server i've ever played. It's diferente yeah, you have to leanr a new map, yeah, you have to learn recipes, hunting spots, u'll waste time exploring but it worth, i recommend to at least try this server for a few weeks, u'll not regret. The start is a bit slow, but then it becomes really fun. Thanks @Trollheim
It's been 2 months after the launch of the Trollheim Online!
Since last bug fixing announcement I managed to resolve 293 bug reports (I count only valid reports) and rewarded you with 13500 premium points!
What gives us whooping 424 valid bug reports resolved and 24935 premium points!

I have also read all of your answers from ⁠discord polls and I am now trying to work on Trollheim with your feedback in mind.
Also I would like to thank you for all love and all criticism you've gave me in this poll <3

Below some of the last changes:
Client changes:
  1. Changed color of creatures in battle list (was dark grey, it's much lighter now)
  2. Changed colors of some lists to match previous client (light background with dark highlight -> dark background to light highlight)
  3. Fixed flag icon on the minimap (it was green up arrow before)
Changes to the game:
  1. Changed some houses beds places (to be more accessible)
  2. Changed 2 houses names
  3. Fix for rift crossbow (now correctly uses it's attribute)
  4. Changed Fireball spell level requirement (27->22)
  5. Fixed engine code that may cause potential crash
  6. Small change in description of spell scrolls
  7. Summon Creature spell level requirement changed on all levels of spell to 12
  8. Fixed some "Item of type xxxx" items
  9. Fixed spider corpse - now after skinning correctly changes sprite
  10. Fixed tons of typos
  11. Fixed George NPC that could give bottle infinite amount of time if player not left conversation
  12. Changes and fixed some Quest Log msgs.
  13. Fixed Waraxe salvage recipe
  14. Fix for empty spell scrolls -> Try to use them to wrap and unwrap again
  15. Fixed sleeping skeleton script (caused errors sometimes)
  16. NPC that sells fluids (ie. mug of water) now correctly names the ware
  17. Fixed Nomard corpse
  18. Added new items to Yasir
  19. Fixed Energy Field rune level 5 spell scroll
  20. Fixed Iron Axe Cast crucible duration
  21. Added description to the custom potions
  22. Removed some unused dialogs and added some others to NPCs
  23. Fixed Gold Converter (sometimes may take charge on failed attempt to change money)
  24. Fixed Braindeath and Furious Troll corpses to be moveable
  25. Added Hydra tongue to the George Finch
  26. Changes some prices in George Finch shop
  27. Fixed Arrow and Mayor Lewis message on 9th task.
  28. Changed recipe for leather whip
  29. Little Corym corps leaves blood
  30. Added every weapon to the destroy script
  31. Barbarian Headsplitter now drops basic shooting book instead of advanced
  32. Fixed Lugri necromancer quest
  33. Some changes to squirells
  34. Fixed some wrongly displayed items on the market
  35. Fixed hundreds of map glitches (mostly "grass on mushroom", "grass on tree", "grass on flower" etc.)
There were also many more small fixes too:
Alchemy, NPC Map marks, Treasure Hunter, Fisherman, Map etc.
New update has been uploaded to the server recently. In this update I focused on Subprofessions and early stage of the game, especially on new players experience. For example Occupation can now be started at level 10!.

  1. Crashing vein of ore (looted item) gives now random from 1-3 of random ore (1 previously)
  2. You can get gold ore and shining stone from mining Large Vein (2x chance) and Small Vein (previously was only from large vein)
  3. Sulphurus stone on crash have 40% to give you 1-2 sulphur (was 15% for 1-5 sulphur)
  4. Gold ore now gives 1-5 gold chip (1-3 previously)
  5. Ore Veins spawns is doubled (2 times per hour -> 4 times per hour)
  6. Crushing Gold Ore, Vein of Ore, Sulphurus Stone, Shining Stone now reduces durability of pick. Every of mentioned items has it's own requirement of pick tier, so you will not be able to crush Shining Stone with basic pick.


  1. Lumberjack can now get bird nest upon cutting down a tree. Bird nest contains some more and less useful items, but should boost profitability of Lumberjack
  2. There is a possibility find monster in the trees. There are many monsters that can be found, the higher level of the Lumberjack, the stronger/rarer monsters.
  3. Added Simple Arrows to crafting - they are like training weapon, but for Paladins. They grant +0.8 s faster attack speed and have only 5% chance to brake, so 100 arrows should last for around 2000 shots.
  4. Added ability to cut some monster corpses with axe - Swampling, Woodling, Leaf Golem, Wilting Leaf Golem, Haunted Treeling (it works similar to Hunter's skinning)
  5. Increased prices in Axell's shop for buying wood (it should induce people to buy wood from Lumberjacks instead of NPC)
  6. Added haunted piece of wood for sell to Axell's shop
  7. Added more loot to Swampling
  8. Lumberjack Materials window in crafting now shows attributes that item can get during crafting
  9. Doubled min amount of feather pieces from feathers


  1. New Subprofession available for everyone, is not counted to the subprofessions limit. Subprofession get half experience on advance comparing to other subprofessions. It was made especially for new players to let them know that there are other ways to gain exp than hunting monsters. It is also the only subprofession that is available on Rookgaard.
  2. Gaining Foraging experience is easy. Following activities are from now considered as foraging: gathering fruits (blueberry bush, palm tree, etc.), opening spider egg, sarcophagus, iron maiden, hydra egg, sleeping skeleton, catching butterflies, digging in the sand (only mainland), filling sample tubes and others.
  3. Sleeping skeleton, Iron Maiden, Sarcophagus can now contains same small treasures like gold coins. Spider eggs and hydra eggs can contain slime.
  4. Iron Maiden and Sarcophagus can now spawn powerful monsters (but it is as rare as Giant Spider from spider egg)
  5. There is a chance to break shovel on digging in sand (0.01%)


  1. Lumberjack now craft wooden stake out of Hard Wood (was Strange Wood)
  2. Wilting Leaf Golem is now undead type instead of blood (is not leaving blood splash on death)
  3. Fixed Silver Mace salvage recipe
  4. Fixes for some weapons (on destroy script)
  5. Added Marrow to Alchemy Ingredients script
  6. Spider corpse is now slime source again
  7. Wasp that is summon can not be catched to the jar
  8. Fixed some more map bugs
On top of that I made change to the targeting on Battle List. Now you can target players on battle list unless you are in PZ lock state. So you can heal your friends on target them with offensive runes if you are in party, but in PvP after initial hit it is no longer possible to target on battle list.
Now, after a month playing Trollheim, reaching lvl 120 on my main character and 70 on my second, i've learned to craft my own potions, a lot of places to explore, new hunting grounds and a lovely community. I really reccomend to try this server and join the discord, there's a really nice community willing to help and teach. I'll stay here for a long time, im sure that if you put some time on this server you will end loving it.

Thanks Trollheim, i'ts been a really fun month of playing.
Hello Trollheimians!

To celebrate 4 months from Trollheim Online official launch, every account with active Premium Time gets additional 21 premium days. Account without active Premium gets 14 days of Premium Time!

With that occasion I would like to announce

Monster Power Event
For one day power of the monsters on Trollheim Online will rise!​

Normals: 70% - 150% 105% - 225%
Leaders: 300% 450%
Alphas: 1000% 1500%

You can expect many raids during this day! At least 1 raid every hour for the whole day!

Date: 30.09.2023

See you in game!

monster power event.png
Greetings heroes!

We're thrilled to announce a special Christmas event! Get ready to embark on a magical journey filled with bosses, rewards, and holiday cheer.
Rumors are spreading that Ruprecht is waiting for all of you to exchange Christmas Tokens for unique rewards! Hunt raids all around Trollheim and loot as many tokens as you can!

Event Duration: 21.12.2023 - 07.01.2024

To help you out with celebrating Christmas with us, all accounts are becomming Premium Account, enjoy!

May your quests be merry and your loot be plentiful!
Happy Holidays, Trollheimians!
Hello Trollheimians!
Rookgaard update Teaser #1
For this update I wanted to create vast place to travel and discover for players that like simpler gameplay and decided to stay on the beginners island.
Rook map after this update is going to be 2 times bigger. New grounds consists of 1 big island called Cavatina Island and two smaller islands.
With the new island comes Cavatina Town! Town much bigger then those that you can currently see on rook. NPC's in this town will appreciate your company.
You can help them develop their shops. As you progress they will provide you more and more products to trade.
Some shops will even let you get better prices. Leader and Alpha coins are going to be needed for that.
New town means new homes. There are total 16 new houses!
But that is not all!
Pirate Cliffs on the west side of the current Rookgaard map are also going to be available. Cricketleg Dave is waiting for you with 10 new tasks and rewards.
Some other NPCs on current rook will now trade with you. You should definitely check out Arrow's and Lily's shop. Of course after you finish some tasks for Arrow and Mayor Lewis.
With new map new monsters and items are going to be introduced. But you will read about that in the next teaser.

Hello Trollheimians!
Rookgaard update Teaser #2
As I mentioned in previous update - new lands, new monsters.
Many new monsters are going to be available in the rook after update. Some of them you could already see on previous screens.
You probably have some favorite picks on creatures that you would like to see on rook. Sawmp Trolls are there, Dworcs are there and Coryms are there. I am not going to spoil here everything, but you may expect new dangers, new powerful monsters that are protecting treasures, so Black Knight may be not the strongest Rookslayers opponent.
On top of that two completly new type of monsters are also there! Hardened Bugs and Skeleton Archers.
Some other monsters were also modified to drop more or different loot, or have some slight changes to their attacks or defense. More details will be posted on the update change notes soon.

With this update over 40 new quest chests are available for Rookslayers. Some of them can be accessed simply by 'kill and get reward' quest, for some you will have to be more creativ
Want new outfits and mounts? They are also available after some tasks and quests.

Next teaser will be the last. I will tell you more about items.

Hello Trollheimians!
Update is LIVE. For more detail visit our discord.
Last teaser of update 1.3 below

Rookgaard update Teaser #3
You can expect that if there are new monsters, there are new items too. That is exactly the case.
Monster creature products and equipment items will be possible to sell to some NPC.
Beside obvious items that comes with loot of monsters, there are many items that are exclusively available from quest chests.
New types of ammunition and distance weapons will be available. Some of them from loot, some of them from NPC (after tasks or quests). Different types of arrows will help you with fighting ghost.
Small enchanted gems will be available too - from monster loot. Some monsters loot were updated as I mentioned in previous teaser.
You will be able to create enchanted weapon with enchanted gems. Those weapons were changed too. Beside elemental damage they can also set condition damage to the monster like Freezing, Burn, Poison and Electrify. Condition will deal damage over time based on amount of elemental damage of the weapon.
Other few items also changed their attributes, for example Ring of Healing regenerate more health and Tortoise Shield adds sword fighting skill.
From this update all equipment previously available only for Paladins are going to be equipable also by Rookslayers.
You will be able to buy rings and amulets from NPC. It is not going to be cheap, but may be needed for some battles.